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Games: All the latest release, trailers and news about the beautiful game in it’s pixelated form, with a regular nod to classic football gaming thrown in for good measure. From FIFA and PES all the way back to the glory days of ‘Ally McCoist: Director of Football’.

Be Rob Green – for 15 long seasons

Fun for all the family

Quiz time!

Can you identify this England player?

Can you identify this England star?

Name the England star

Can the dethroned king kick FIFA’s ass again?

Any idea who the ball-headed Everton player is?

Can you identify the ball-headed Chelsea star?

Friday’s questions are ready and waiting…

Why not cast your beady eye over today’s questions?

Wednesday’s questions are ready for your perusal

Can you identify the Chelsea player?

Tuesday Tuesday, can’t trust that day

Start off your week in the right way!

Can you name the clubs from the shirts?


Can you identify this Liverpool player?

Can you identify this Man Utd player?

More difficult than a job as Carlos Tevez’s English teacher

Can you name this ball-headed Arsenal player?