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Games: All the latest release, trailers and news about the beautiful game in it’s pixelated form, with a regular nod to classic football gaming thrown in for good measure. From FIFA and PES all the way back to the glory days of ‘Ally McCoist: Director of Football’.

Do you have the mad skillz to identify this England international?


Can you identify this lion tamer?

Can you identify this World Cup pundit?


Who’s this Liverpool player?

Can you identify the ball-headed England star?

Sunderland striker turns his back on PES 2010

Who’s the ball-headed Everton player?

Can you identify this Barcelona player?

Can you name this mystery Liverpool star?

Who in the whole of Villa Park is this mystery man?

Does EA’s latest football sim burst the net or shin it wide?

Pies’ fiendishly tricky photo quiz is back!

Who the bloody Nora is this Juventus player?

Got an idea who this Villa player is?

From all I’ve read and seen, there won’t be much to separate the two this time around

Who the dickens is this England international? Leave a comment with your answer. Yesterday’s answer: Steve Bould Well done to all who identified the Boulder.

Who’s the skipper? Leave a comment if you think you know (click image to enlarge). Yesterday’s answer: Danny Murphy Good detective work by Adam and Shay. Not easy, that.

In a move that echoes Radiohead’s innovative marketing of “In Rainbows”, Eidos is selling the digital version of Championship Manager 2010 on a “Pay What You Want” basis. A press release says: “From the time the shop goes live today (August 18th) until midnight on September 10th, you can pre-order the digital download version of […]

Who’s the Liverpool player doing his defensive duty on the post (click image to enlarge)? If you know the answer, or you just want to make a wild guess, leave a comment with your shout. Previous answer: Mikael Silvestre Joe got it right at the second attempt. Shay, Tom P and Jules also got it […]

Think you know who this is (click photo to enlarge)? Leave a comment with your shout. Previous answer: Guti Damn modern players with their distinctive football boots. Too easy by far.