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Horror Hair

Horror Hair: Every so often a hairstyle comes along that is worthy of note and/or scorn. Mostly scorn. This way for a comprehensive run-down of the most baffling follicular arrangements ever attempted by professional footballers.

Geek Pie

It’s exactly what he asked for…

Newcastle star caught by the fuzz

That’s not a moustache – THIS is a moustache…

Top 10 Football Combovers

May 18th, 2010

What were they thinking?!

Its’s not what he asked for

Way before Movember, ballers grew moustaches just because they thought they looked good!

Classic barnets in World Cup history

Celebrating the World Cup’s best and worst barnets

The worst hairstyle in Premier League history?

‘Moisture is the essence of weakness…’

Why does Becks look so gaunt and knackered?

What’s de big oidea?

Everton star’s big hair is a serious threat to the beautiful game

From skinhead to mullet, Becks has done the lot…

Don’t call him the wanker in the black. Call him Mr Vain

Uefa dish out two-match ban to Eduardo for the Croatian’s dive against Celtic (watch it here)

Did Louis lose a pre-season bet? Or did he mean to dye his hair blonde and get the wrong colour? Or perhaps he’s trying to look like even more of a dick in a box than team-mate Marouane Fellaini? Whatever, this look is a tonsorial FAIL.

From this: To this: Jaunty and theatrical, I’d say.

Looking up at the stars makes me think of all the hot guys in the world… Click the photo below to launch the gallery:

We got ourselves a couple of Sideshow Bobs here. Lichte is the assistant coach for SC Paderborn (of Bundesliga 2 fame), and Gladwell is the cult author of best-sellers ‘Blink’ and ‘Tipping Point’. PS. Many thanks for all the Lookalikes you emailed in while Pies was inactive. Keep em’ coming!