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Kits & fashion

Kits & Fashion: New kits, old kits, shit kits, both new and classic football boots; Basically, if it’s football kit-related then it’ll be covered here.

Stripes for the SPL stars

Hype eats itself

Spurs kits not as nice as leaked photos suggested

A black-and-orange disgrace!

A major improvement on last year’s home shirt

Sponsor’s logo ruins new Baggies kits

Jogi missed his calling

Spurs exploring landmark shirt concept

The opposite of good

Nike gets it right for Gunners

And it’s not going to win any design awards

A hit!

An awesome idea, in a ‘post-modern spin on a t-shirt’ kind of way

What was Adidas thinking?

Timmy Mallett was a fashion leader after all

Das ist some groovy dancing, ja!

Kit parade…

And look! Steven Gerrard is staying…

Plain, oh so plain