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Shit Lookalikes: Does exactly what it says on the tin. As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to footballing lookalikes; the shitter the better!

When Sylvester Stallone put in an appearance at Goodison Park before Everton‘s game against Reading yesterday carrying a few extra pounds than when his first Rocky film came out in 1976, there was a certain resemblance to a real-life sporting legend with his own weight problems. [Rob Parker]

The force should be strong with West Ham once Eggert Magnusson‘s takeover goes through. [Rob Parker]

My trips to the cinema seem to provide a useful hunting ground for Lookalikes. Last night I went to see Casino Royale (it is worth the hype, by the way), and didn’t come away empty handed! I present Jeffrey Wright (who plays CIA agent Felix Leiter) and Joleon Lescott…   [Rob Parker]

No wonder Newcastle are struggling this season. PC Glenn Roeder has been too busy locking up Gazza to worry about tactics, team selection and inspirational team talks. He might be dull in the world of football, but he is probably one of the most charismatic coppers ever!   For more Glenn Roeder fun-poking, check out […]

I went to see The Departed last night (good film to catch if you are heading to the cinema any time soon). Leonardo di Caprio’s character really reminded me of someone… [Rob Parker]

One of the best lookalikes we’ve seen recently… [Via Left Back]

If you fancy a bit of a football-related chuckle – and you have already read all the posts on Pies and Bratwurst several times on the day in question – then the Guardian’s array of Photoshop mock-ups in The Gallery rarely disappoints. This week readers have been providing their interpretations of Carlos Tevez and Javier […]

Bolton Wanderers’ king of bling versus hip-hop’s king of bling. One spits rhymes and the other… well, he just spits. Can you tell the difference?

The rumours earlier this week were that Alan Shearer was ready to give up his burgeoning media career and move into football management. That was before we knew about his big break though! It seems Super Al landed a part as an extra in Coronation Street earlier this week (as spotted by the excellent Corrie […]

West Ham’s Carlos Tevez – have you any idea how weird it is to type that! – looks to my eyes a bit like a pocket-sized Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers front-man, if you didn’t already know). West Ham’s Carlos Tevez – yep, still feels bloody weird… (No offence meant to Hammers fans – […]

Canada-based Pies reader Dan O’Leary used his mobile to snap this picture, which clearly shows Robin van Persie moonlighting as the face of Nestle Drumsticks (‘a bit like a Cornetto,’ Dan tells us). Does Arsene Wenger know?

Have you ever needed someone to turn up at your party and be surly with everyone, and complain about how the jelly was officiated? Well, thankfully, Susan Scott Lookalikes have got just the thing for you. A lookalike of ‘The Special One’, Jose Mourinho. Leon Yianni (pictured) can turn up at your event… and… well… […]

Gary Lineker’s grandfather

August 8th, 2006

Found this image of Gary Lineker’s grandfather on the net. The family resemblance is uncanny…

This video puts me in mind of Peter Reid and that fly-on-the-wall Sunderland documentary, when every other word uttered began with f and ended in k. Peter Reid is obviously the Joe Pesci of British football – and if that isn’t a gratuitous reason to post a Scorsese clip on a football blog, I don’t […]