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Manchester United: All the latest Manchester United flavoured news, views, rumours and other assorted bits and bobs

He comes from Serbia, he’ll fookin’ murder ya Nemanja Vidic (Man Utd) United’s Player of the Year, as voted for by his team-mates and the club’s fans, makes the perfect foil for Rio Ferdinand. The Serb is a footballing Terminator who absolutely will not stop when it comes to doing his defensive duties. If Barcelona […]

Will Rio merk his former team-mate? Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd) Ferdinand is one of the best centre-backs in the world, and he’s now at his peak. There’s nothing he lacks really, but he tends to lose concentration at times – though not often enough for me to label it as an obvious weakness. The one […]

Battle of the right-backs John O’Shea (Man Utd) The much maligned Irishman will never win a place in United’s Hall of Fame, but Alex Ferguson trusts him, and that vote of confidence means a lot to a player. I’m sure it’s no accident that Fergie endorsed O’Shea’s place in the starting line-up before that of […]

Throughout the day, Pies will look closely at the respective teams of United and Barca. We begin at the beginning, with the No.1s Edwin van der Sar (Man Utd) The Dutch veteran has enjoyed a vintage season, breaking Petr Cech’s Prem record for minutes played without conceding a goal. He’ll be 40 next year though, […]

C-Ron’s giant ego separates into two beautiful, tanned parts Well, looks like Ronny is definitely staying in Manchester. You heard it from the man himself. Great scoop, er, Ronny. [@ Dirty Tackle]

Berby finds true fame, ITV capitalises on Champions League fever In an upcoming episode of Corrie, Jason Grimshaw (no idea who he is) argues with Sean Tully (no idea who he is either) and his new love interest Leon (OK, so Sean is gay, I’m guessing). Jason opens up with this gem: “Say what you […]

The headline and story don’t quite fit Like many people, I made the mistake of clicking on’s tantalising story titled: “Man Utd to make signing of the century”. Was Messi heading for Old Trafford, I wondered? Or Kaka, or Ribery? Or a re-animated Duncan Edwards, even? I had to know… … Like many people, […]

Suits you, Sir (Alex) It’s a grey suit, get over it.

“I am not a man. I am Cantona.” Here’s the UK trailer for the new Ken Loach film, Looking For Eric. The film is the story of a depressed postman who is searching for a hero and finds one in the form of… Eric Cantona. Early reviews suggest it’s one of Loach’s most enjoyable movies in […]


Fergie faces his biggest fear Nothing scares the hardest manager in the Premier League, except his assistant Mike Phelan popping a balloon.

Guess which player has been confirmed as a definite starter for United in Rome Fergie revealed today the first name in his starting XI against Barcelona on 27 May. Who do you think could be? Answer after the jump…

More fun times with Jim Rosenthal and the champions Nice to see Vidic get the recognition his performances this season merited. And nice to hear his praises being sung: “Nemanja, woah-oh!/ He comes from Serbia, he’ll fooking murder ya!” Lovely stuff. And hands up if you think Bolt is a plastic fan… yep, I just […]

Another gong for C-Ron’s trophy cabinet “In my opinion, I think it’s a fantastic goal.” Yes, Cristiano, it is a fantastic goal, but there’s no need to spell it out. And it didn’t win three points, you dunderhead - it helped your team make it through to a Champions League semi final. Doh. Bonus video: watch […]

Pride before a fall and all that Liverpool fans: Come back when you’ve won 18! United fans: Hi, remember that banner you held up in 1994? Yeah, about that… Now who’ll be the first to 19? Hmm, I know who my money’s on (United, if that wasn’t already clear). [@ Football Banter]

Fergie set to play reserve team against Hull A couple of points to scare Newcastle fans ahead of this weekend’s crunch relegation battle: 1) Sir Alex Ferguson is mates with Phil Brown, Hull’s boss. Hull play Man Utd in their final game. 2) With the Champions League Final on 27 May, and the league title […]

Fergie reveals real reason why he loves the Champions League “The Wednesday night atmosphere when you, maybe, go to Madrid and Barcelona. You can smell the cigars and there’s perfume wafting down from the stands. It’s wonderful, it’s different. I love it. “You go to Milan and everyone’s so stylish. Every woman who passes you […]

Leaked photos show champions’ next shirt. Possibly… It’s a bit naff, no? But it does tie in with Nike’s recently launched “V” range of sportswear, so there’s every chance it’s not a fake. Another variation on this theme, with a different collar, is also doing the rounds. Check it out below…

C-Ron is a funny guy After Man Utd’s 0-0 draw at home to Arsenal, a result that saw United win the league (congrats to Fergie and co. – you deserved it), Ronaldo grabbed the mic from a Sky reporter and proceeded to interview Anderson, who is one of his best mates at the club. The […]

United’s performance against the Prem’s strugglers is the key to their success this season… As Manchester United prepare to win the Premier League against Arsenal – an act of rubbing it in not seen since Monica Lewinsky left the Oval Office – we wonder if, well, they won’t. This season so far, United have won […]

This new clip suggests Ronny has an eye for his team-mate’s tackle Of course, C-Ron is not heterosexual or homosexual or even bisexual – he’s Ronaldosexual (Pies ®), which means he really only loves himself. [@ lots of blogs, including Dirty Tackle and Off the Post] Vote for Ron in the Best Player in the […]

C-Ron doesn’t fear Fergie’s hairdryer, clearly Cristiano Ronaldo Moody Moment Against City – The best bloopers are here Quite unbelievable really. Can you imagine any other player doing this in front of Fergie? Normally it would mean career suicide, and a one-way ticket out of Old Trafford, but because Ronaldo is so valuable to United, […]

The title race is over folks Nice one Sparky, your boys could have tried a bit harder than that. I guess that sums up the thoughts of Rafa Benitez today. His Liverpool side keep on winning, but can’t get any closer to United, who also keep on doing the business. Touché.

… But Man Utd midfielder will still miss the final Uefa will discuss Darren Fletcher’s red card, which at least gives some hope to the Scot, who is currently suspended from the Champions League final. An official Uefa statement confirmed that they “received a submission from Manchester United FC concerning the red card shown to […]