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Skills: This way for sweet first touches, outlandish bicycle kicks, slinky volleys and tricky dicky freestyle showboating.

A wonder goal? Yeah, if we’re feeling generous

Probably of little use in a real game situation, but still impressive tekkers from Ron


Always keep your eye on the ball, Steve

Ridiculous tekkers

French striker in fine form for Philly Union

Brazilian full-back scores a beauty in friendly

Batigol leaves Jaap Stam for dead then unleashes hell with his right foot

A genuine wonder goal in Norn Ireland

The Drog 1-0 You

‘Il Metronomo’ breaks rank to score a screamer from 35+ yards

Payet back with interest

Keepy-ups don’t usually look this good

Carlitos blows open title race with precise finish

In which the Dunnster wakes up on match day and believes he’s turned into Ronaldinho. He hasn’t

Former Liverpool striker still scoring amazing goals

Neil Sullivan still back-peddles to this in his nightmares.

Brazilian winger wins the game with a cracking solo goal

West Ham’s main man beats Petr Cech with volleyed lob

Wow. Just wow

He’s still got it

A genuine wonder goal by the Welsh Space Chimp