Real Madrid 2-1 Bayern Munich (3-3 Agg.) – German Shoot-Out Joy Gives UEFA The Final They Never Wanted (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

25th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Real Madrid 2-1 Bayern Munich (Agg 3-3) (Bayern win 3-1 on pens) – Champions League – 25th April ’12

That high-pitched screaming you can hear in the distance is UEFA bigwig Michel Platini howling at the Gods for not giving him the El Clasico final he and his fellow UEFA suits so desperately wanted. Instead, on a dramatic, penalty-strewn  night in Madrid, Bayern Munich battled hard to push the game into extra-time and then penalties, where Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Sergio Ramos (with a right howler) fluffed their lines from the penalty spot. Midfield dynamo Bastian Schweinsteiger duly netted the winning pen for the Germans, who could even afford tame misses by Toni Kroos and Philipp Lahm on their way to silencing the Bernebeu.

The three goals in normal time all came in the first half, with Ronaldo scoring a penalty before making it 2-0 with a fine side-footed finish. However, Arjen Robben netted his own spot-kick to set up an enthralling, if goalless second-half.

After another tense half-hour of extra-time, the game went to penalties and the rest is history. So, poor old Jose Mourinho won’t get his Chelsea final while, in a nice twist of fate, Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes, who won the Champions League with Los Merengues before swiftly getting the sack after that success, will see his side face Chelsea in Munich.

So Dutch star Robben, dribbler of dribbles, scorer of, er, scores and diver of dives will thus face his old team in the final and with home advantage, and against a Chelsea side hamstrung by suspension, surely Bayern will go into the game as favourites?



Photos: PA

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  1. Adam says:

    was it not robben with the pen?

  2. Phil says:

    they couldn’t afford Toni Kroos to miss a penalty, Casillas stopped the pen of Philipp Lahm as well…

  3. Papi says:

    Good on Bayern, but, it seemed to me like Madrid half-arsed the second half, and their penalty shots…

    The final UEFA never wanted? Hm…

  4. Ubietz888 says:

    Eat a big fat one Real Madrid

  5. Alan Duffy says:

    @Adam – Yes it was Robben – Apologies – Ribery’s good looks always bamboozle me. Changed now.

  6. dc says:

    Hey Madrid fans, I have something in my pocket for you:

  7. Happy says:

    It was Robben. Also, Bayern have 3 suspended players so not much better off.

  8. gabaitse emmanuel banda says:

    second chance is always an option..big ups to baryen.chealsea watch out..

  9. tonys says:

    chelsea have a reasonable chance of winning this. They would have lost to Real Madrid. Madrid deserved the win. The penalty for Bayern was dubious.

  10. Happy says:

    tonys, although Madrid had a better start I can recall at least two 100% chances Bayern should have made, Robben before the 2-0 and Gomez near the end. I think it was well-deserved.

  11. Eckpfosten says:

    We are still talking about Bayern losing the game and winning the penalty ;)

  12. Rob says:

    I see Mourinho took the defeat well again.
    Never gets blamed for a loss but always the man behind a victory.

  13. Coolie says:

    @tonys – Stone wall penalty, Pepe is an idiot. Bayern deserved to win.

  14. peter says:

    yeah your right tony, pepes thrown hug on gomez made it dubious. and di marias shot towards the sideline which was blocked by hand also dubious…

  15. wiesiek says:

    like german commentry

  16. MrMac says:

    I see chelsea as the winners.

    Cahill terry gone in practicly 70% of the game – proves they’re damn well united, old and new players.

    Mata hugging drogba waiting for torres to score.

    Chelsea are the opposite of bayern\barca\real – they’re lethal and will not miss a 100% chance.

    One goal, close off and counter a second.

    My barca chelsea prediction came thru, so here’s hoping my final one will too :D

    Would be a perfect way to sendoff the old guard into direct substitute roles – which they’d hopefully also accept.

    Damn i slacked on ramires his first season, but holy shit hes involved into a world class player now :D

  17. germans says:

    we all don’t…

  18. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Did Madrid expect to win against a German team in the penalties?

  19. Pete says:

    It would’ve been an absolute disgrace had Madrid won. That penalty against Alaba was utter dogshit. Even by the strictest view of handballs that still was not one. Really makes you wonder sometimes.

  20. Eckpfosten says:

    agree with Pete: It´s hard to fall down without using a hand to keep yourself from falling onto your face. So if the ball hits your arm in this situation it is quite silly to anounce it a handball.

  21. Franz says:

    Pete Madrid are a better team than Bayern. Bayern’s goals all came from lucky rebounds or a dubious penalty of your own.

  22. werderbremen_rulez says:

    Glad crispy ronaldo missed his pen – neuer was fab!

    Wonder how much time Drogba will spend going down on the pitch in the final…

    Is that considered proper vertical play, I wonder?

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