Prankster Convinces BBC Radio Five Live That He’s Nabbed Champions League Final Matchball (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, May 2012


By Chris Wright

On Saturday night, a chap by the name of Robin Cooper made it onto BBC Five Live’s 606 phone-in and claimed that he had in his possession the Champions League Final matchball after smuggling out of the Allianz Arena after the game and that he was going to get it home through German customs by labelling it as ‘seismology equipment’ – a yarn that had host Alan Green appearing to believe every word….

Indeed, the BBC then even ran a segment on Cooper’s story on the Five Live late night news bulletin…

Which is all well and good, the only problem being that the ‘Robin Cooper’ in question doesn’t actually exist. Instead, the man doing to talking was none other than Robert Popper, the award-winning producer of Peep Show (among many other things) and 50% of the inspiration behind the brilliant ‘Look Around You’ along with Peter Serafinowicz.


Via Robert Popper