Bayern Munich Fan Invades Pitch To Celebrate Semi-Final Victory, Players Huddle Round To Protect Him From Security (Video)

By Chris Wright

A giddy Bayern Munich fan made it onto the Camp Nou pitch after last night’s mullering of Barcelona and skipped around in celebration with his idols, who then huddle around him in a tight circle as stadium security closed in on the interloper…

The pitch invader was eventually seized from amidst the wagon circle but, to make things even more wünderbar, Fronk Ribery then caught up with the fan as he was being manhandled back into the bowels of the Camp Nou and tucked his match-worn shirt down the front of his jeans…

Fronk and his new buddy…

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Semi Final - Second Leg - Barcelona v Bayern Munich - Nou Camp

Not a bad little souvenir. Lovely stuff.

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  1. Jonas says:

    Serves Barcelona right to get a taste of thier own medicine after all that “Jimmy Jump” nonsense we’ve had to endure all these years.

  2. Al says:

    Ribery must have thought the fan was an underage girl the way he stuffed that down the front of the jeans

  3. One Man Went To Mow says:

    No chance those security staff let him keep that.

  4. Paul says:

    Chris, are you calling him “Fronk” on purpose? I’ve noticed it in a prior article, laughed out loud, and wasn’t sure if it’s a joke or not. If not, it’s “Franck” :P

    • Chris says:

      If he wants to chuck an extra ‘C’ in there and start pronouncing it “Fronk” then as far as I’m concerned it should be spelled “Fronk” too.

  5. quebec in your face says:

    Most successful pitch invasion of all time.

  6. Ha! says:


    What you said was very funny.

  7. Nick says:

    That’s Franks cuz. Do your research.

  8. Nick says:

    That is not a new friend rather its an old friend. Well actually it is his cousin. You can see the team recognized him and that is why they protected him.

    Also, stop being an arrogant or should I say ignorant Englishman. It’s Frank, not Fronk! Learn how to spell and appreciate the different pronunciation of different languages.

  9. Lennart says:

    according to the commentary he is a relative of Ribery’s. You often see his posse during matches on tv. he certainly looks the part

  10. Nick says:

    100% Fronk

  11. Stefano says:

    It isn`t Frohnk`s Cousin. Ribery stated that he didn`t knew him, but that he was speaking french.

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