Champions League Final 2014: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid – What Are Your Predictions?

By Chris Wright

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Final - Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid - Atletico Madrid Training Session - Estadio da Luiz

Tonight’s the night. The roles have been metered out. Two rival sides; polar opposites in terms of identity; Real: the immaculate, arrogant landed gentry, steeped in pomp and circumstance; Atletico: the pub car-park brawlers with gravel in their guts and spit in their eyes, ready to jump off bridges for their charismatic ring-leader.

The Estadio da Luz may well bear witness to incredible sporting theatre. It just as may well be a bloodbath (or a lukewarm, 0-0 general anaesthetic of a game – but let’s not dwell on that possibility for too long!).

It’s time for your predictions, people. Feel free to be as specific as you like. There will be a whole shed-load of Pies Points™ on offer to the winner.

Pies predicts: Real Madrid 3-3 Atletico Madrid after extra-time, Atletico win on penalties. The world goes nuts.

You say?

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  1. streetfighta says:

    Real to win 2-0. Just can’t see Atletico being able to hold off Ronaldo and Bale. I can’t see Costa lasting too long before he has to come off injured.

  2. real 2 atletico 1 says:


  3. JuanosDios says:

    Someone unexpected’, like Tiago, will score for Atletico, mid first half. Scramble in the box after a set piece. Atletico bleed the match and go close a few more times. Ronnie’s frustrated, Carlo looks lost. Madrid finally break thru in the 82nd when Bale rifles a 25 yard drive into the top right corner past a flailing Courtois. Ronnie then gets tripped up in the box by Godin as the ninety minutes are expiring and deposits the resulting spot kick cheekily. He’ll then tweak his knee in the player pile as part of the goal celebration and have a giant ice bag wrapped around it during the pits match celebrations. Unfortunately the knee never quite gets right, and Ronnie’s Portugal depart the World Cup after tepid draws with Ghana and the US and a 3-0 shellacking at the hands of the Germans. It will go down as the best match the Germans play in the tournament after their round of 16 defeat.

  4. EggnCress says:

    Unfortunately, for football, Real are gonna pull away with it comfortably 2-0 or 3-0.

  5. foran44 says:


    I really can’t fault that prediction for credibility

  6. Billypisstick says:

    Reals name on it this year for the decima. Real 3-1

  7. whocareswhoiam says:

    Real wins 1-0, after a boring game, when a 87th minute swan dive from Bale gives them a penalty.

  8. Nuno says:

    Real to win it 2-1.
    Atletico takes the lead in the first half, Real ties it shortly after. In the second half Diego Costa to go out injured at about 60 minutos and after lots of pressure Real scores the second at around 80 minutes.
    (that’s what I THINK will happen, but really hope Atletico contradicts it and win, even if it’s on penalties)

  9. mfanelo says:

    Real madrid will win by 2-0 to atlentico madrid

  10. Jarren says:

    Intriguing, JuanosDios!

  11. Jabulani says:

    Alway real madrid will win

  12. Captain Hindsight says:

    I’ll go 1-1 full time but Real to win 4-1 in extra time

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