Poor Old Gareth Bale Abused By Furious Real Madrid Fans In Bernabeu Car Park…Again (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, May 2015


By Chris Wright


It was the usual Tuesday/Wednesday night rigmarole for Gareth Bale, with the Real Madrid forward spending his evening being jeered, whistled, booed and abused by his own fans after a less-than-stellar outing in the Champions League.

Madrid were dumped out by Juventus on aggregate at the Bernabeu, with Bale failing to convert a string of chances over the course of the game – though, admittedly, none were really of the “straightforward” variety.

Having been jeered all night inside the stadium, Bale then received his customary farewell from the Bernabeu – leaving the carpark to a hail of abuse from livid Madrid fans, yelling such derogatory Spanish colloquialisms as “cabron” (which translates as “silly sausage”) and “hijo de puta” (“your hairband makes you look like a bit of a wally”).

Bale himself remained magnanimous after the game, telling reporters:

“There have been some ups and downs but I think I’ve played well.

“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and I’ll learn from this season and take it on.”

All this while Andrea Pirlo was receiving a standing ovation from 80,000 Madrid fans for an utterly unremarkable 6/10 performance for the opposition.

They certainly are weird ones, these Real supporters.

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  1. CW88 says:

    Glad im not the only one who thought pirlo was very average

  2. b says:

    yeah, “real madrid fans”. bunch of whining spoiled assholes.

  3. P says:

    I just can’t understand how the fans can treat a player who scored for them in extra time of the CL final, to help bring them their first CL title in over ten years, in such a manner.

    You have to wonder if they even understand the concept of loyalty, or simply chose the most powerful club in the history of football to support, just to feel as though they themselves are good at something.


  4. SG says:

    Hardly saw anything of Ronaldo or Benzema in that game, yet Bale gets the worst of it from the Real fans.

  5. Ron says:

    He looks more and more like a chimpanzee every day…

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