Champions League Predictions: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

By Chris Wright

After last week’s dismal effort, there are just a few hours left until Barcelona and Real Madrid finish things in Catalonia – with Pep’s lot carrying a 2-0 lead into the second leg.

Since the brawl in the Bernabeu, we’ve had gargantuan levels of paranoia, photoshop skullduggery, claims of veiled racism and accusations of a worldwide conspiracy from the Real camp, countered with several bitter recriminations and damning rebuttals from the blaugrana corner – tonight should be a joy.

Let’s have your scores on the doors folks.

Pies says…

Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid – boring we know. Here’s secretly hoping for a couple more red cards.

You say?

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  1. nat says:

    Barca 2-1 Real, although it’s the Catalans who will have a player sent off first this time, but very late in the game.

  2. Anonlymous says:

    0-0, although proves a dramatic game with 2 sendings off, 2 penalty appeals, and a goal dissallowed that should have stood.

  3. Nick says:

    I’ll stick my neck out and go 3-1 Barca. If Real are going to come out and attack, they’ll get punished, and I’d be very surprised if Barca can’t but more than 1 past them.
    They need to get Adebayor and Ronaldo to punish Mascherano in the air, and that means sticking a lot of crosses in the box. Marcelo and Di Maria are going to have to push to the byline, and my feeling is that Dani Alves will end up exploiting the space behind them.

  4. Ahmed says:

    4-1 to Barca.. Either Villa or Messi to get a double while Ronaldo will score Madrid’s only goal. It’ll be a goal fest, in any case.. Madrid can’t go for defending in numbers what with Pepe and Ramos suspended, their justification for a defensive cover is weak enough that they might as well compensate with an attacking force. Cue Barca and their devilish attacking force.

  5. ceezer says:

    3-0 Real Madrid. Jose will show us why he is The Great One. 1 red card to Barcelona either Alves or Puyol.

  6. wolfusa says:

    good call pies. i had 2-1, thinking the ref would give carvalho a second yellow card for his incessant non-sense, and messi would net one to a sea of applause.

  7. jamie says:

    lovely shout from the author

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