Champions League Final 2011 Live Blog: Barcelona vs Man Utd

By Chris Wright

For those of you that haven’t managed to snare yourselves Champions League Final 2011 tickets, fear not – for Pies are proud to announce that we will be live-blogging the whole soddin’ shebang on Saturday 28th May right until the wee-small hours of Sunday morning.

We’re just giving you a friendly heads-up for now, but this thread will be bumped to the top of the Pies homepage on the morning of the big day itself – i.e, next Saturday – so we can all come together like one nation under a Wembley groove and cluster-comment until our fingers bleed as one!

Sounds like fun, no? Consider this your 7 day, 23 hour and 7 minute (at time of writing) warning…

Live Blog: Manchester United vs Barcelona – 2011 Champions League Final.