Heineken Star Player Competition: The Results Are In, And The Winner Is…

Chris Wright

24th, November 2011

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By Chris Wright

Full-time in Chelsea’s last-minute loss in Leverkusen brought Pies’ Heineken Star Player mini league challenge to a close, with one lucky so-and-so (by his own admission!) winning a pair of tickets to Manchester City’s must-win final Champions League group game against Bayern Munich at the Etihad on December 7th.

With every prediction made and every trivia question guessed at willy-nilly, the competition became evermore fierce at the business end of the table as the night progressed, but a winner emerged at the death – and I’m not talking about Leverkusen.

Step forward and take a bow Stellious, who bested everybody with an ticket-snaffling overall total of 7779 points – almost 800 points clear of second place thanks to a last minute flutter on Manuel Friedrich heading home with the last touch of the game.

Once again, mucho congratulations to Stellious, well played squire. The Man City tickets are in the post courtesy of Pies. We’d also like to extend a hearty ‘thank you’ to everyone who signed up and played – especially Dockx_1 from Belgium, who put the effort in last night despite missing the first match entirely!

A little glitchy at times perhaps, but it wasn’t a bad old night now was it?