Snapshot: Cardiff City Are Promoted To The Premier League

Alan Duffy

16th, April 2013


By Alan Duffy

So next season we’ll have two Welsh sides in the Premier League, with Cardiff City deservedly securing their first ever place in the top division, where they’ll join Swanswa City, after a 0-0 draw at home to Charlton. Cue massive celebratory pitch invasion.

Just shows you where a lot of hard work and, er, a Malaysian billionaire can get you. Expect to see Cardiff’s famous blue, I mean red, jerseys around Pies a lot more often next season.

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  1. Jim says:

    Ask an FC Salzburg fan if accepting the help of foreign investors was worth it or not

  2. Doctor's Your Uncle says:

    Cardiff was in “the top division” from 1921-29, from 52-57, and from 60-62, so it’s hardly “their first ever”.

    Unless you are one of the w****** of the Sky Sports mold, who discount everything before the PL-era, as though it never happened or mattered..

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