Livid Millwall Fan Storms Pitch And Tears Linesman’s Flag In Half After Being Denied Corner Kick

Chris Wright

2nd, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Millwall v Queens Park Rangers - The New Den

“Anyone seen a bloke with what looks like a slice of fluorescent Battenberg tucked in his pocket?”

Here’s one you don’t hear every day: assistant referee Alan Young, i.e, the man on duty during Leicester City’s 3-1 mauling of Millwall at The Den yesterday, was forced to find himself a replacement flag midway through the game after a livid Millwall fan ran onto the pitch and tore his original flag in half over his heinous decision to deny the home side a corner kick.

The Millwall fans had become increasingly infuriated by a series of tight decisions all going Leicester’s way and Young’s call to award The Foxes a goal-kick rather than giving the home side a corner proved too much for one man, who waded onto the pitch and tore Young’s flag clean off its handle in a fit of rage.

Millwall’s interim manager Neil Harris admitted he didn’t see the incident himself but went on to describe the aftermath:

“I saw the flag on the floor and the linesman standing there with the handle. I think the young man just run over to tell the linesman how disappointed he was that he didn’t give a corner, which it clearly was.”

The fan was then duly man-handled out of the stadium by stewards, though Millwall are yet to confirm whether they are going to take any futher action over the incident.

To be fair, it may sound over the top on the face of things but small victories are a big deal to Millwall these days. After all, it’s always nice to win something, even if it is just a corner.

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  1. John says:

    You have taken the title almost word for word from the Daily Mail which in itself is, as usual, over the top in it’s dramatic description.
    “Storms the pitch”, “Tears linesman flag apart”.
    In fact the person stepped over the stand perimiter and pulled the flag from the attached pole the linesman was holding and threw it to the ground. Person then escorted from stand when tried to re-enter it. End of event.
    Not condoning the idiot but the headline implies an out of control nutter rampaging across the playing surface to destroy an officials equipment. Now that may have been a story …

  2. marajonna says:

    Not too much difference between the two descriptions really. definitely a story, can’t remember the last time someone did that.

  3. Jarren says:

    “Frustrated Millwall fan disassembles linesman’s flag”

    Well, it’s not quite as zingy.


    It’s all about the draama, daahling…

  4. Adil says:

    I like your first headline Jarren. After years of being desensitized to the sensationalist and ridiculous headlines on every sport website (esp. BBC), I would be genuinely curious about the story!

    It would probably tickle my humour too if the headline wasn’t sensationalist, could be a curious story about someone losing their rag in a crap way. The over the top reporting just annoys me for reading it in the first place.

  5. Jarren says:

    I hear you, Adil.

    But sadly it’s all about the hook, always has been and always will be.

    A well-written and accurate header may arouse interest in some, but a truth-bending sensational header will always reel ’em in.

    It’s more interesting to dissect the truth from the bullshit once you read the story for yourself anyway, even if the means to get you there were a little below the belt.

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