QPR Verdict Postponed Until Monday At The Earliest

By Chris Wright

One of these men could end up costing QPR promotion – I’ll give you a clue: it’s the guy on the left

With a verdict supposed to be announced by 4pm today, the FA released a statement at close of play yesterday to confirm that they do not intend to come to a decision over QPR’s little transfer discretion until Monday evening at the earliest.

The case centres around the club’s purchase of Alejandro Faurlin (the bloke on the left) in July 2009 and, if QPR are found to have breached the FA’s laws on third-party ownership as alleged, then the Hoops could face a hefty points deduction that could end up seeing them stripped of the Championship title and automatic promotion to the Premier League – though a massive fine and/or the postponement of the points deduction until next season looks to be the more likely outcome.

The ongoing wranglings could also effect the dates of the Championship play-offs though if they rumble on long enough while the FA panel continue to mull over the evidence, though QPR have stated that they fully intend to press ahead and present themselves with the Championship trophy after Leeds visit Loftus Road on Saturday.

That’s the spirit.

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  1. Tinez says:

    Everyone involved in this process knows that it is complicated and that producing a verdict is a significant challenge that needs the proper amount of consideration time.

    That said, in this case, you have 7 clubs who have no idea what is going to happen, who don’t know if they should be preparing for next season in the championship or preimer league, or the playoffs and it is a complete disgrace that it has taken until the final weekend of the season to appropriate a decision. So many clubs are effected, make a decision for fucks sake.

  2. Kevin Barry says:

    I thought Sepp Blatter was an incompetent imbecile after FIFA’s fiasco over the awarding of the world cup venue, but these tossers at the FA are just as bad.

    My guess is they haven’t got the “balls” to make a decision and will wait the the final championship result to know how many points to deduct to either put QPR in the play-offs, or even out of the running for the BPL.

    Wankers rule again.

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