Billy Sharp Scores ‘Goal From Heaven’ Three Days After Tragic Death Of His Newborn Son

Chris Wright

2nd, November 2011


By Chris Wright

While the big boys were off galavanting around Europe, there were heart-breaking scenes at the Keepmoat Stadium last night where Doncaster striker Billy Sharp, who tragically lost his two-day old son Luey on Friday, opted to play through the pain against Middlesbrough, led a minute’s applause before kick-off and then scored a stunning volley in the 14th-minute before revealing a t-shirt that read ‘that’s for you son’…

Top marks to the referee Darren Deadman as well, who used his discretion admirably and saw fit not to book Sharp after the emotional tribute.

Well played all-round.

RIP Luey Jacob Sharp.

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  1. Coolie says:

    Tragic news. Fair play to Sharp, a fitting tribute.


  2. :') says:

    yeah kudos to the ref for showing a bit of respect. sad circumstance for such a beautiful gesture.


  3. CFC_Jay says:

    Totally agree with Coolie, and also fair play to the Ref for not showing a card to Sharp for his tribute! These days when common sense seems to have all but disappeared in the game, these small gestures mean a lot!

  4. R-Hops says:

    Just to play was a heroic thing, unbelievable really. To score like that was just meant to be. Praise to the ref too, common sense prevails for once.

    Its just puts it all into perspective when Billy Sharp plays after a devastating tragedy, whereas a prima donna like Tevez refuses for no reason. Billy is a top man.

    RIP young Luey, condolences to the Sharp family.

  5. chimpo says:

    was just thinking- tell me he didnt get booked. top marks ref-using your discretion.

    poor guy- condolences to him and his family

  6. __wowza says:

    playing and training actually may have helped take his mind off of the matter, if only for a short period. condolences to him and his family during this troubled time.

  7. Michael says:

    In very sad circumstances it was a fitting tribute for Sharpy to score a belter and likewise a smart move from the referee too as usual they have to follow the ‘company line’ and show a yellow. RIP Luey.

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  9. Papi says:

    Kudos in every sense of the word to Mister Sharp for having the cojones to play so soon after the unfortunate death. As well as to have the audacity to attempt the shot.

  10. Mr. Sparkle says:

    My heart goes out to Mr. Sharp!

  11. Marty says:

    Thankgod the Ref didn’t book him. Otherwise he’d been a deadman. Pun lad

    In all seriousness though, great gesture. Football at its best

  12. sloth says:

    Good point R-Hop. Sharp is a quality human being undeserving of such a loss.

  13. Brendan says:

    Amid all the talks of racism and diving, this story really puts things into perspective. A great tribute during the most trying of times. This is why we all love the beautiful game. RIP Luey Sharp.

  14. mikedamone says:

    I have a seven month old – could not imagine losing him at all let alone 2 short days.

    Not sure if I could play a match myself so soon but that’s just me, kudos nonetheless.

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