Jens Lehmann and Didier Drogba show off their diving skills

Ollie Irish

11th, December 2006


Does this even count as handbags? Handbags is a bit too manly to describe the shenanigans between Jens Lehmann and Didier Drogba in yesterday’s Chelsea-Arsenal match. Try to keep a straight face as they drag football’s reputation through the Stamford Bridge mud! Both players were booked in the end (for diving I sincerely hope, and not the ‘pushes’).

[Rob Parker]

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  1. I was waiting for a headbutt that never materialized. Drogba is too muscular and heavy to go down so easily.

  2. joe says:

    Any striker knows that when he’s jogging away with his back the Lehmann thats when the shove is most likely to come. They honestly look like a couple of nancys in that little succession, par for the course these days though.

  3. To me and to most of west Africans for that matter, Drogba is not only the best african striker of the moment but the most renowned footballer the continent has ever had in recent times. He deserves his rank among the major players