Tackling The Issue: Should Anton Ferdinand Shake Hands With John Terry?

Chris Wright

24th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

While his club are urging him to, there is still a fair old wodge of uncertainty as to whether Anton Ferdinand will shake John Terry’s hand before QPR’s FA Cup tie against Chelsea at Loftus Road on Saturday.

As you will be all-too-well aware by now, Terry is due to attend a hearing at West London magistrates court four days after the match on charges of racially abusing Ferdinand after referring to the QPR centre-half as a ‘farting black klutz’ or something similar when the two sides met in the Premier League back on October 23rd of last year.

Like the ridiculous farrago that saw Wayne Bridge come over all sorry for himself and refuse to shake Terry’s hand a couple of years ago, Ferdinand is reportedly ready to duck the Chelsea captain’s offer of a handshake when the two squads pass each other before kick-off – which all seems a little selfish and short-sighted as far as Pies are concerned.

As Sepp Blatter – the president of FIFA no less – will tell you, all racism can be settled with a gentlemanly handshake. Is it not in the interests of the greater good that Ferdinand and Terry put an end to all of the game’s ills once and forever?

That said, personally, I wouldn’t shake Terry’s hand. You never know what you might catch.

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  1. Davy says:

    Kick him in the nads

  2. SL says:

    No way, it could prejudice the trial and if I were the QPR manager, Id tell the whole team they were free to not shake his hand as a show of solidarity. Id also get them to wear anti racism T shirts before the game.

    Theres no way Id lower myself to touching that scumbag, well maybe except a elbow to the face.

  3. sleeba says:

    “No way, it could prejudice the trial and if I were the QPR manager, Id tell the whole team they were free to not shake his hand as a show of solidarity. Id also get them to wear anti racism T shirts before the game.”

    Eh? Sure you’re not a lawyer?

  4. SL says:

    Not a chance but you think Terrys side wont bring up the fact that it means nothing took place because hes happy to shake hands?

    No one in their right mind would shake hands with someone who committed a criminal act against them…or nailed their misses.

  5. Mizman says:

    If you dont want to shake a mans hand, then you dont have shake a mans hand. easy.

  6. Where_JP_At says:

    I expect JT to get the same treatment from Anton as he did from Bridge.

    While I want this all to just end, it wont.

  7. SL says:

    The Mirror says hes not going to do it and their reporter has connections at QPR. good on him.

  8. Fat Nakago says:

    Shake his hand, Anton…shake his hand. You don’t want him to call you a f*cking wh*te c*nt ((Wayne Bridge)) as well ((allegedly)) do ye now??

    Be the BIGGER MAN, Anton. Give John Terry a FIRM and HEARTY handshake. Crush his fingers like little insects if you must, buts SHAKE his hand!!

    You and the world will be better for it.

  9. syndex says:

    Just walk past him with dignity, he is looking for a reaction so if you ignore him it will put him off his game. shake his hand and ask him whinnie the pooh’s best mate is, look offended and let the lip readers do the rest.

  10. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    @syndex lol

    but what the fuck has happened to gentlemen in this country, you shake his hand, play the game without bringing personal issues into it and then do whatever you feel you need to do.

    it will not compromise anton ferdinand’s case if he shakes his hand, it will actually probably strengthen it as either a judge or jury (not sure what they’re having yet) will see that Anton is a decent human being and that will sway their decision.

  11. shay says:

    He shouldn’t show him the respect of a handshake. Terry does not deserve it.

  12. bgkjhoi;lok says:

    Imagine if Pie’s wrote the same article concerning Suarez and Evra. Imagine the uproar.

  13. neil says:

    No. No-one should shake Terry’s hand, he’s a disgrace to English football.

  14. mls? lol says:

    I don’t want this to go away. I want it to blow up just as bad as the Suarez incident because I’m sick and tired of the double-standards that exist in the EPL. Plus Terry is a piece of human filth. It’s disgusting how the English media and its prominent figures (like Lord Ouseley) get behind someone who deserves way less backing but are quick to condemn anyone not their own in a similar incident. It’s only racism as long as a non-English footballer does it or a drunk supporter, but if a clown from the what turned out to be the bronze generation does it, “oh, jolly good mate, sorry about that racial epithet, let’s settle it with a handshake, all-righty-right?” Absolutely ridiculous.

  15. david says:

    no he should not. john terry should never captain or play for england again. its plain to see what he said, he is a disgrace to football. if that was any normal person on the street or in the workplace, which he was and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for doing. they would be sacked arrested and would spend time in jail, its disgusting. the f.a are a disgrace they should grow a pair of balls. and eradicate the scum who bless a football pitch.

  16. M Anderson says:

    So all you supposed left wing wankers have been howling about Dianne Abbott being “raaaaacist” to then huh? Yeah, I bet you have.

  17. Ron says:

    The fact that Terry is going to have a hearing is quite unfortunate to me. If he did abuse him, then he’s a complete jerk. He needs to simply admit that he did it, say he temporarily lost his mind, apologize, say he’s not a racist and move on. If he didn’t, then this shouldn’t be going to a hearing. Ferdinand isn’t going to just make up a story like that.

    If Terry did in fact use racist language, I have no respect for the dude. If you play at a level like that, you are trained to be in very tense situations and not lose your cool. Calling him a racist name means he either lost his cool, or is just a bigot.

    Played sports my entire life and been in plenty of confrontations and said LOTS of nasty, mean stuff. But, I’ve never, ever made it about race or ethnicity. That’s beyond sporting.

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