Fernando Torres Wrestles John Terry, Floors Him With Gutwrench Takedown (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

I think I may have an idea why Chelsea are stuttering a bit this season; if this video is anything to go by, their training sessions are utter chaos!

Firstly we see some assorted slapping from everyone present, then Fernando Torres exacts revenge on John Terry for an earlier buffeting by wrestling him to the ground. It’s quite something to behold, like Shadowfax trying to mount some kind of man-sized rodent.

What follows is some lovely dancing, Josh McEachran struggling to get into a Horrible Histories book (quite literally), a bit of long-range buttock bruising, a Norman Wisdom-esque Juan Mata dropping his phone and to top it all off – full of confidence after downing his captain with a suplex – Torres attempting to repeat the feat on poor Raul Meireles, duly nicking his luminous yellow handkerchief in the process…

Will the fun never end?!

Video: Chelsea TV