When is tapping up not tapping up? The Ashley Cole Saga continues…


28th, July 2006

Cole_tappedAshley Cole goes for a meal with ‘the special one’. They get caught and the FA smack their legs. Tut tut. ‘Naughty Chelsea. You may well be the richest in the playground, but you can’t go around offering more sweets to the greedy bugger over there.’ And then Cole signs for Chelsea.

It certainly seems to be the case. Arsenal have admitted that they’re in talks with Chelski about Ashley ‘OK!’ Cole, and no-one seems to mind one bit. ‘We have had a couple of very civil conversations with Chelsea and there is nothing else to say on that,’ said David Dein, Arsenal’s head goon. It would also seem that a few beans will be spilled in Ashley’s autobiography (due out next month) about his anger with Arsenal over the tapping up debacle. Are these people getting away with tapping up or what?

Mof Gimmers

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