Little Danny DeVito Bigs Up Chelsea Hero Didier Drogba On Twitter

Alan Duffy

18th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Chelsea’s goal-hero at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night was the subject of a somewhat random Tweet of affection during the game with Barcelona, as pint-sized Hollywood heavyweight Danny DeVito expressed his admiration for the big Ivorian striker…

I can see a remake of Twins in the offing, with DeVito reprising his role and the Drog taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s part.

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  1. El Nombre says:

    I presume as a fellow thespian he’s admiring Drogba’s acting skills as Le Drog dived and flopped around the pitch all game.

  2. T-Bags says:

    Was an undeserved goal imo. Drogba was the scum of the pitch during this match. How many times did we see him hit the pitch in agony, to stand right back up to appeal for a card? One specific I can think of, the one right before he scored! Drogs is a right wanker!

  3. C says:

    During this match? He’s the scum of the entire sport! Every match!

  4. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    @T-Bags: Agreed. And that’s why while he’s a great striker, his legacy will always be tainted by his pantsy dives and hissy fits. What a shame.

  5. iasip says:

    devito is one funny demented midget, anyone that watches it’s always sunny would know

  6. Al says:

    yes Drogba is a diving scum bucket but at the end of the day when your playing Barcelona, who, incidentally also have their fair share of diving scum buckets, you do what you can to win as so would Barca. Diving is so widespread that I no longer get annoyed at the players, it’s down to the authorities to sort this out, the players can do whatever they can get away with

  7. Anonymous says:

    Drogba has a valuable role of breaking up the play. Not pretty looking but breathers were needed constantly.

  8. Stewart says:

    The instructions that Didier will have been given before the game were:
    1. Stop their flow any way you can.
    2. Score.

  9. Giancarlo says:

    Ha! Calling the kettle black I see…how many times did we see Barca’s players go to ground, and ask for cards? Their trademark!

  10. p says:

    exactly giancarlo

    just watch the display in the 2nd leg, barca players will be going down like there are 20 snipers positioned throughout the ground

    and i doubt drogba just decided to dive and act, im sure it was because of the past where barca beat us via diving

  11. lurker says:

    LFP is spanish for “diving league.”

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