Snapshot: Pep Guardiola Pens Dummies Guide To Fnarking Up Barcelona’s Season

Chris Wright

25th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

People can be so cruel…

“Not funny. I kill you now”

Via 101GG

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Meh. Lame joke.

    I guess you’re forgetting the three La Liga and Two Champions League titles he has already won or the fact that Mourinho is his rival.

  2. Dusty says:

    ^ Agreed.

  3. Papi says:

    This actually is not so much a joke…

    The man had a clear shot at both titles, and proceeded to f them up. Lol. Who knows what made Barcelona hit the self-destruct button. Regardless, I fancy him having a shot with another club next season.

  4. dc says:

    Papi, you clearly did not even bother to watch either game if you think they “hit the self destruct button.” How many posts did Barça hit? 5? They were extremely unlucky in both legs, and Chelsea happened to be very clinical and defended well to their credit. Its not an excuse but it happens to everybody. They didn’t f anything up….

  5. Papi says:

    Faulty finishing doesn’t win games, the goals do. Chelsea scored them. Messi was not at his mercurial best. Hitting the ball against the post counts about as much as a shot that hits the corner flag. Torres sealed the game after they pushed everyone forward. They put so much faith into their attack that their defense gave up some pretty dodgy goals. Their fault. Or Pep’s. Don’t know, don’t care. They’re out of the race.

  6. Giancarlo says:

    Let’s see how the wonderful Guardiola does when he doesn’t inherit world class players. K thanks :) Send him over to mid table Getafe or Zaragoza and see how masterful he is. Fuck, I could manage Barcelona and win a CL

  7. dbm says:

    Guardiola didn’t hit the posts so why is everyone blaming him? Barca had the right preparation and tactics they just had terrible luck which is no fault of the coach.

    If you think you can manage Barca better please go take your meds because you’re fookin crazy!

  8. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    awesome joke. just goes to show that guardihola is not jesus

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