The Goal They’re All Talking About: Papiss Cisse Scores Absolute Cracker vs Chelsea (Video)

By Chris Wright

Full photos and highlights shortly, for now just revel in the majesty of Papiss Cisse’s brilliance (well, at least up until the video gets pulled down)…

Meh. Just a hit-and-hope.

Camp Drog says…


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  1. macd says:

    more players should try this sort of thing, fantastic goal

  2. dc says:

    the telegraph were talking a lot last week about the greatest hat trick of all time. can this and his other fantastic goal go down as one of the greatest doubles of all time?

  3. Calski says:

    Andy Who?

  4. Al says:

    looked like a mishit to me

  5. one england captain says:


  6. David Allison says:

    “Camp Drog says”!! Love it – please let this be the new “Fletch says”.

  7. Nick says:

    He meant every inch of that shot. Look how he cuts across the ball. If he hits it straight then it ends up about 30 yards off target, but he smashes across the ball to bend it round the defender and in. And that’s unbelievable technique, so I’m having it as goal of the season. There have been some crackers this season, but Cisse’s goal is like nothing I’ve seen in a long time, so for me it wins hands down.

  8. frank says:

    Hit and hope? Surely every shot ever taken then is a hit and hope, Cisse hit it in a deliberate effort to score, and he scored, just because it is spectacular and difficult to pull off doesn’t mean it was hopeful. The chance of it coming off may be much lower than a sidefoot from 6 yards but that’s what makes it better. To actually smack one with the outside of your boot from that range is very difficult, and he clearly had the confidence in himself to do it and it came off and looked amazing! Shank?…no chance, thats when you get it wrong, maybe a fade is better if you are going to use golf terms. if this was hit and hope then so was Van Basten’s much adored goal, and modric’s goal last night and Cisse’s first goal etc etc etc.

  9. frank says:

    i hope so, its exam time, i am cranky and sensitive right now and big papiss is the only thing keeping me sane with his sublime skills.

  10. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    Players playing with a smile on their face and trying things – that’s what the premiership needs.
    “Decent pros” can naff right off.

  11. newcassel says:

    OK, he meant to shoot and meant to cut the outside of his boot through the ball to dip and bend it. But he would’ve been aiming for Cech’s top right hand corner. The ball swerved and dipped so much it crossed the line three feet in the air at Cech’s left post. No way was he aiming for there.

  12. Tosser says:

    After whinging for a time wasting yellow card on Krul why are their fans leaving? Seriously there were 5mins to go, Cisse could have hit a scorpion kick for the hat-trick or something equally sublime.

  13. Urinal Cakes says:

    That was an unbelievable shot, whether he meant it or not. Poor old Ćech didn’t stand a chance. Did anyone check the ball after the game –

  14. Jarren says:

    10 million quid?


  15. joek says:

    ”he must have a foot like a traction engine!!”

  16. Rob says:

    Come on Newcastle fans, admit it you wish you still had Andy Carroll up front

  17. Col says:


    But seriously, I find it hard to believe that was intended. Part tekkers part fluke – unlike his first goal, which was all technique.

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