Didier Drogba Appears On The Graham Norton Show (Video)

By Chris Wright

So, this happened last night…

Never thought I’d ever see Didier Drogba and Julie Walters on the same sofa. Ain’t the world a wonderful place?

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  1. Tendon not is says:

    hahha did he just ask Graham ‘who is he’ at 7:39. I somehow dont loathe the man as much

  2. Jarren says:

    Do you think Drogba spoke to Amstell after the show?

    It’s been a while since I seen two people so vastly different thrown together.

    Talk about awkward…

  3. Murray says:

    Drogba just scored in the final. I just noticed him do that “hop” dance during his goal celebration.

  4. jeanne says:

    I actually respect drogba so much more. I thought he was a bit of an overrated footballer before, but now all my respect!!! HE s legit!!!

  5. Jay Jay says:

    Got to agree with the comments on this posted already. I guess I was being quite short sighted in judging Drogba by his antics….He does have a good side about him….

  6. Rob says:

    How’s his groin? looked like he really pulled it bad today

  7. Terry Shedingham says:

    I feel sorry for the man, having to share a sofa with Jessie J like that

  8. Luka says:

    Drogba is an icon!

  9. Anonymous says:

    well… my opinion about the man has changed… well in Graham.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t see this but Clive Tyldesley referred to it during the build up to the Cup Final. Speaking of Drogba, he said “well, Graham Norton managed to get inside him last night”. Shamed I missed it

  11. olaitan says:

    Drogba is a real lengend and icon, he shown the world that he is really best stricker ever! Love DD11!!!

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