Psychic Llama Predicts Champions League Final Result – Put Everything You Own On Chelsea (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

Remember Il Pulpo Paul? The mystic octopus who was denounced by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and then secretly assassinated by the CIA after ‘predicting’ a stack of results at the 2010 World Cup? Remember? Paul? Okay? Well now forget him, because there’s a new psychic animal in town – a llama from Ashdown Forest Llama Park in east Sussex (of course he’s going to be a Chelsea fan).

We know what you’re thinking and ‘yes, this again.’ Just as Paul used to open boxes of food, the llama nudges balls off a pole – so it’s all intensely scientific…

Excuse us, we’re just out to stake everything we own on a Chelsea win. THE LLAMA SAID SO.