Champions League Final Predictions: Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

By Chris Wright

The Allianz Arena decked out in its pre-Final livery

With just 116,379 seconds or so to go until the Champions League Final kicks-off in Munich tomorrow evening (k/o 19:45 BST), we thought it high time to get some scores on the doors – even the llama’s had his say for Christ’s sake.

Chelsea signing Marko Marin has already backed his new employers to run roughshod all over the Bayern Munich defence if they play positively, just as Borussia Dortmund did in the German Cup Final not so very long ago. Bayern may be well endowed ‘up top’, but there are definitely holes to exploit round the back – something like that anyway.

There are so many question marks regarding Roberto Di Matteo’s approach: Should Chelsea come yomping out of the blocks or play the long game? Who will get the nod to lead the line? Drogba? Torres? Both? Will Gary Cahill and David Luiz be fit to start and cope with Mario Gomez’s hustle? How long will Jose Bosingwa and/or Paulo Ferreira last before being reduced to mush by Ribery and/or Robben? How will Chelsea cope without the suspended Ramires running around like a blue-arsed fly for them? Time will tell.

Anyway, that’s enough spiel for now. Let’s get down to the mucky business of predictions.

Pies says: Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (Munich win on pens)

You say?

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  1. Jules Hornby says:

    2 -1 Chelsea. Lampard pen to win it

  2. Knutty says:

    Bayern will win 3-1, scoring 2 in the last 10 minutes.

  3. Jock says:

    2-1 Bayern. Drogba to make fool of himself once again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    2-1 Bayern. Gomez, Robben (pen after a dive by Ribery), Lampard (pen after a stupid foul by Boateng).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Drogba & Lampard to win it.

    Possible last minute torres shocker as well?

  6. Toz says:

    Bayern will win this one out.

  7. Shoebaloo says:

    2-1 Chelsea
    Blues go ahead with a Mata goal,
    Muller(sub) scores in the second half,
    Late Lampard winner.
    Great Keeping performances are due.
    and someone might drop the cup.

  8. abhi_dalal says:

    Bayern 3-2 Chelsea. gomez, muller, ribery/drogba, mata

  9. farmanian96 says:

    chelsea to win this one…3-1…drogba,mata,sturridge to score….lampars with 2 assists,…..

  10. Ramsey-8081 says:

    Pies, never the type to fancy chelsea … for anything in life.e

  11. shay says:

    Too many important players missing for Chelsea. Bayern take it 1-0.

  12. BENARD CRUSH says:

    Bayern takes it all by scoring 2 goals to 1 goal

  13. Nathan says:

    Bayern also have important players missing: the majority of their defence. I watched Bayern play with their ‘best’ defence in the German Cup final and they got absolutely ripped to pieces.

    I’ve had money on it, so Chelsea 2-1, Drogba and Lampard.

  14. Nuno says:

    Bayern to take it 3-1. Chelsea’s pensionists can’t do miracles all the time. No Meireles, Ramires, Ivanovic and Terry? Bosingwa or Paulo Ferreira as starters against Robben and Ribery? Sorry, can’t see Chelsea winning this, just hope it won’t be too much one sided.

  15. prince says:

    Chelsea will definitely win….Bayern will be humiliated 100% positive about this.
    Chelsea 2 Bayern 0

  16. Maccer says:

    Chelsea to win 1-0. Scoring midway through the first half before deciding to play anti-football for an hour or so and hold out for the win.

  17. Den says:

    Bayern have an obsession with winning this game at home. When you have an obsession with something you are so focused on doing it that you mess it up in the end. Mourinho knew this with Barcelona 2 years ago when they were obsessesed with advancing and winning the European Cup in Madrid. Chelsea are extreme underdogs that no one thinks will win, not even themselves. This is a huge advantage for them because they will not be shit loads nervous and will play for the joy of being at a Final that 2 months ago was a pipe dream of huge proportions.

  18. The Belgian says:

    Bayern 4 – 2 Chelsea

    (Unless, which would be unfortunate for all football fans, Chelsea try to play it safe. Still, I’d think even then Bayern would grab the win… let’s call it 1 – 0 in this case.)

  19. Maccer says:

    Chelsea to win 1-0. Goal midway through the the first half before they park the bus and start playing anti-football in order to seal the deal.

  20. Paul says:

    Chelsea-only just though

  21. Irshaad says:

    Bayern to Win it and the Score will be 3-1 for me… Goals for Bayern coming from Gomez and a brace from Robben and Chelsea’s Goal coming from Cahill from a Corner… I have a feeling Cech is going to have a terrible time between the sticks and the Chelsea Defense are going to be Exposed at the back by the Pace of Robben and Ribery at the back and without Ramires at the center of the park Chelsea are not going to Control the Midfield as the Pairing of Sweinsteiger and Kroos are too Superior…. But if Chelsea wins this Game then My God have They Achieved something SHOCKING!!!

  22. Chinwe says:

    Chelsea 2 – 1 Bayern Munich

  23. slimskinny says:

    It’s chelsea 3-1 the boys are gonna show themselves strong..UP CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. brandon burton says:

    chelsea will win 2-1, drogba scores in the first half, robben makes it 1-1 in the second half and torres will score in the final few seconds of the game.

  25. Del says:

    Chelsea to win it 3-2.

  26. Wynton says:

    Unfortunately Chelsea will go down. 3-1 Bayern.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe so many ppl are so fond of Chelsea around here. Its gonna be really really close. Id say 55 (Bayern) to 45 (Chelsea) Chance to win it. So I guess I am sticking with the Pies here. Its goanna be a draw followed by a shootout and I will again lose some days of my lifespan…

  28. ken says:

    chelsea will win 5 2

  29. BerbaSherpa says:

    1-1 full time. Gomez nets in overtime. 2-1 Munich final whistle.

  30. D3 says:

    Bayern 3:2 Chelsea
    winning goal is a penalty kick

  31. Egon Poulsen says:

    1-0 Chelsea

  32. Ndiana says:

    Go for the cup chelsea

  33. p says:

    4-3 chelsea

    bayern has no defense

    chelsea more experience and quality

  34. Elvismikky says:

    Up man utd 4lyf. I give it up 2 bayern munichi. Chelsea will loose am sorry my neighbors. I supported u against barca so chelsea wl loose dis match.

  35. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    @Ramsey-8081: Didn’t you read Pies’ prediction for the EPL season just past? LOL.

    Bayern to win 4-1. Ribery and Robben will run roughshed over whoever Chelsea plays in defence. Why? Cos Ramiereles is/are simply too important to replace in a cup tie.

  36. martin says:

    Chelsea will win. This is the best time to win the UCL title, because next season they won’t be participating if they lose.

  37. Ravshan says:

    Bayer will win. 2-0. (Lahm and Gomez).

  38. FERGIE says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Bayer munchen 2-2 chelsea

  40. wale says:

    2-0!chelsea goal from sturridge and Drogba

  41. wale says:

    Chelsea carry the day 2-0 form sturrdge and drogba

  42. Ollie says:

    1-1 after normal time, Chelsea to win on pens…?

  43. Donnie says:

    I like Ollie’s tip. I think 1-1 as well, goals by Muller and Drogba in last ten minutes. Then Drogba scores final penalty kick.

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