Gary Neville Enjoys Another Epic Scoregasm Over Drogba’s Goal vs Bayern Munich (Video)

By Chris Wright

It would appear that this is a ‘thing’ now…


Here’s the original should you wish to compare and contrast for some strange reason.

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  1. Toz says:

    This is tiring.

  2. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    “gary neville orgasm is no longer available after copyright claim from UEFA”

    never thought i would see the day

    and for those not tired of his orgasm

  3. Nuno says:

    Chris, I know you can’t do a post for every goal Falcão scores, but I believe this one, scored last night in Colombia, is worth a view:
    What a beauty!!

  4. Toji says:

    Those few seconds for the Drogba and Torres goals are the best pieces of commentary he has ever produced!!!

    I can’t stop laughing whenever I hear it, especially when I hear the Torres one in the TV adverts!

  5. Wynton says:

    This noise will haunt me in my dreams.

  6. dano328 says:

    Gary Neville is an embarrassment to TV sport commentators, who are supposed to maintain a degree of neutrality. Not once, but twice Gary Neville took sides and his orgasmic screeches of joy should not come without severe scorn and ridicule from those that care about journalistic integrity. Even Chelsea fans I know see it as inappropriate, but imagine fans of Barcelona, Bayern, and even worse, Tottenam.

  7. CFC Jay says:

    Shame on you sir for saying such a knob-headed comment. I agree in a domestic competition commentators and co-commentators are (and rightly so) supposed to be neutral but in European and world competitons, of course they are gonna lean towards their own country whether it be national or international (unless you are a spurs fan in this instance….!) its certainly not inappropriate and anyone that thinks so is just a idiotic as you.

  8. David says:

    CFC Jay – the only idiot around here is you. There’s a difference between ‘leaning towards a team from your own country’ and what Neville produced in the Chelsea v Barca/Bayern ties (and even more so Napoli).

    As dano says, Tottenham fans (British based and Sky subscribers)had a vested interest in that match so Neville had even more responsibility to be more objective.

    I like when clueless people like you deem others ‘idiotic’ when in actual fact you’re the one with the stupid viewpoints.

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