Wojciech Szczesny Reveals Arsenal Players Use ‘John Terry’ As Codeword For Girls Of An Unsightly Nature

Chris Wright

23rd, May 2012


By Chris Wright

Wojciech Szczesny has revealed that, while on nights out, several of the Arsenal players have taken to using John Terry’s name as a code word for ladies unpleasing to thine eye, e.g , ‘would you just look at John Terry over there, face like a bucket of smashed crabs.’

In an interview with the Polish version of Playboy, Szczesny said:

“At Arsenal [Terry’s name] is another word for an ugly girl. If there’s a girl around that we don’t really like, we use it as a smokescreen, as in: ‘Have you seen John Terry recently? He’s terrible’. I recommend this, it really works.”

Here’s us thinking a ‘John Terry’ was something completely different.

Anyway, all in all, this seems like a fitting juncture to crowbar this in again for the umpteenth time – presenting: the ‘John Terryest’ of John Terrys…

Any excuse.

(Via Metro)