Euro 2012 Snapshot: Fernando Torres’ Terrible Season In Photos!

Chris Wright

2nd, July 2012


By Chris Wright

An FA Cup, a Champions League, European Championship (+ bonus Golden Boot, beating Mario Gomez by virtue of having played less minutes at the tournament – 189 to Gomez’s 282)?

Not bad for – as we’re repeatedly reminded – a bumbling, goal-shy lummox…

Incredible. Strange that some folks are still trying to pick apart Torres’ contribution last night; quibbling that he only managed to score and assist because the Italian defence was utterly knackered by the time he came on. Looks like every Torres goal still has to come with a caveat from the naysayers.

Oh well, we’re sure he couldn’t give a flying whoospie daisy this morning.

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  1. Danny_C says:

    Ever notice his form came back around the time that his highlighted mop did?

  2. Mr. Chopper says:

    I wish it could have been with us (Liverpool), but I’m glad that Nando is finally seeing the success that he craved after leaving Atletico.

  3. SwissMafia says:

    Please… Torres jokes are nowhere near over. Torres got an easy ride all year, winning loads but not playing much. I don-t agree that he didnt deserve his goal and assist in the final, but I think for the actual cup wins in Champions league and Euro he was lucky to have the teammates that he did. He has played much better at Liverpool and is lucky to have gotten anything under Chelsea. But luck is part of the game, so well done Nando. Especially because I believe that he is performing much better with Spain then he has in the past. So lets hope he also improves at Chelsea and wins a bit more then a participation prize.. if that..

  4. Qq says:

    He should wear a Why Always Me ? tshirt..

  5. CRS says:

    Isn’t the bottom left picture from the 2008 cup win?

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