‘He Was Being Sarcastic’ – Lawyers Defend John Terry As Anton Ferdinand Racism Trial Begins

Alan Duffy

9th, July 2012


By Alan Duffy

Resplendent in a pink tie and grey suit, John Terry arrived at Westminster Magistrates’ Court this morning to (finally) stand trial over alleged racist remarks made to Anton Ferdinand last October.

Anyway, so far this morning, the court has heard that JT doesn’t deny calling Ferdinand a “black c***”, but that, according to the Chelsea man’s defence team, it was said “sarcastically”. So there. I’ll leave you lot to debate that and everthing else that follows as the case contines.

Oh, if Terry is found guilty, he could be fined a whopping £2,500. Surely that will bankrupt the poor fella.

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  1. plops says:

    I notice he’s wearing a pink tie, not a brown one.

  2. Wow says:

    This is a joke, or are you guys serious?

  3. MaxMad says:


    Racism is nothing to take lightly. It’s juvenile, uneducated and vile. The fact that a captain(!) uttered such a comment is appalling.
    Surely you’re thinking this is a laughing matter as it’s a footballer being fined less than his hourly wages, but take into consideration the many people affected by racist remarks and the likes in today’s world.

  4. JoeT says:

    He wasn’t being racist he just said it because he wanted to anger him. Its no different to having an argument with someone with ginger hair and calling them a ginger prick. I’m completely against racism and Terry shouldn’t have said this but this certainly doesn’t make him a racist.

  5. Davy says:

    @ JoeT I can’t agree with that, I am not a racist and i can tell you now no matter what the reason blah blah those words would simply not fall out of my mouth…Simple as that

  6. Stiff says:

    What if Anton had called him a white cunt, no one would give a shit.

  7. gooooner says:

    What if Anton had called him a purple cunt

  8. Mr. T says:

    The entire idea behind imposing fines for offences is to offer a deterrent. I do not see how a fine which constitutes someone’s earnings for a few hours is any deterrent at all.

    What I want to see is what kind of action the FA takes against Terry in case he is found guilty. As per the Suarez precedent, having admitted that he used a racially offensive word, any ban less than a 8 game ban would be unfair.

  9. Slick says:

    Agree with Mr. T here. If Suarez received an 8 match ban then Terry should receive the same. Personally I think they are both a bit excessive, but there is no reason to say things like that on the field.

  10. KKK says:

    Why is it that the “black”, I mean coloured, I mean dark skinned players like Evra and Ferdinand are able to instigate and dish out their own abuse, but as soon as it comes back, the race card comes out?

  11. Les says:

    @ Stiff. Yeah in principle you are right, there is no difference between calling someone a fat prick or a ginger prick or a black prick. But then again, fat people and ginger people haven’t been enslaved and denied job opportunities, the vote, haven’t had fascists trying to get them sent out of the country or killed purely coz theyre fat or ginger…..

  12. Denis says:

    @ Stiff. Point is, Anton DIDN’T call Terry a white cunt.

  13. plops says:

    @KKK Excellent point, well done. GOd knows what you mean about dishing out their own abuse, ha. I’m sure it made sense in your simple mind though eh? Not only is your comment utterly laughable, your name’s a bit on the childish side too.

    @Les I wish they would deny fat people jobs. You should see/hear/smell the one I have to work near.

  14. KKK says:

    @plops – It was revealed in the Suarez case that Evra began the insults with reference to “the cunt of your sister” and now Ferdinand has been shown to have started the insults with reference to Terry’s wandering penis. Surely these professional “black”, I mean coloured, I mean dark skinned, players would have bigger things to worry about during the match. But as soon as they hear the word “black”, then we have a problem. The world stops, and racists are born.
    Childish are the actions of these “blacK”, I mean coloured, I mean dark skinned footballers. They really need to get over themselves. They ARE “black”, I mean coloured, I mean dark skinned. Learn to live with it.
    Racist was what England used to do to their ancestors, not what they are called on the pitch after they lash out their childish insults.

  15. tez says:

    KKK, I don’t understand why do you keep needing to correct yourself? Typing isn’t like speaking. You can go back,delete words and then re-type out exactly what you meant to say. I’m sure you’ll save yourself hours of time not having to type out ‘I mean… I mean… I mean…’

  16. Davy says:

    @ KKK you are an imbecile

  17. KKK says:

    @taz- It’s actually more effort to go back and correct it all. Think about it.
    @Davy- See now, why do we have to start with the insults. What I’m saying is perfectly reasonable. Are you “black” by any chance?

  18. taz says:

    @KKK. THINK about it. Don’t KEEP getting it wrong. Doh!

  19. Davy says:

    @ KKK because I find what you are saying an insult…And no I’m not black I just have social skills and i’m not a racist

  20. plops says:

    @KKK You’re not making much sense mate, you sound very confused. I’m not quite sure what your point is. That black people don’t like being called black?

    While Evra and Ferdinand may have started it, neither of them were racist. I’m sure there’s lots of abuse being hurled around a football pitch. Terry and Suarez could simply have retaliated with many other insults like cunt, tosser, willyhead or smelly toilet face but they chose to jump in with the racism.

    You might need to look up why it can be so offensive to black, I mean coloured, I mean dark-skinned…no, actually, I do mean black people. Calling someone black or negro in that context (swearing/aggressively) has hundreds of years’ of racist connotations, you don’t seem to understand this. That’s why calling someone a paki is racist, but calling someone a Brit isn’t. Calling someone a black cunt is not like calling them a black person. Do you get it yet?

    Just do a little Google on Apartheid, or the segregation in America or that slavery thing for starters. If it ended in the 18 Century, then yeah, I’d agree, get over being called black – it was a long time ago. But seemingly it isn’t over. Remember Apartheid only ended in 1990.

    And before you say negrito is acceptable in Uruguay, it may well be, but were are not in Uruguay. Suarez has been in Europe long enough to know it would cause offence.

  21. KKK says:

    @plops – Took your advice and found this.

    “He then moved into the sphere of football administration. He served as secretary of the Football Association from 1934 to 1962, and president of FIFA from 1961 to 1974.[1] During his time as FIFA President, Rous witnessed the crowning of England as Champions of the World in 1966.[5]
    He was also known for his avid support for Apartheid era-South African Association.”

    Funny how the FA are now the moral police to the world of football on racism. That is my point. We are taking these petty incidents and turning them into media spectacles on how progressive we are on racism, but really compared to their history, they should just shut up already.

  22. yup says:

    @ KKK… unlike everyone else.. I actually agree with you about this and you do actually make sense. Glad some one actually said this out loud.

    The race card gets played out too far and the governing bodies get scared and dish out extreme penalties in fear that if they do not, then they will look racist.

  23. urinalcakes says:

    Let’s face it, we’ve all acted like cunts at some point in our lives. It shouldn’t matter what colour you are. If you act like a cunt, then someone has a right to call you one.
    Or a daft fucker, or twat, or fuckwit.

  24. Terry Shedingham says:

    I think you’ve completely misunderstood what wow was saying. He’s surely asking whether Pies are joking, because of how unbelievable it is that Terry and his lawyers would try taking that line as their defence. And sadly, Pies are not joking.

  25. plops says:

    @KKK So one guy who was secretary of the FA 50 years ago and president of FIFA 40 years ago was an Apartheid supporter, and you’re upset because now the FA is against racism? Believe it or not, things change. That was a long time ago and he’s long dead.

    Your original posts mentioned nothing about the FA, it’s no good backtracking now. You need a lie down mate, you’re making yourself look silly.

  26. KKK says:

    @plops- I am not backtracking from anything I’ve said. You are just blind to the big picture.
    Two guys insulting each other on a pitch IS NOT RACISM. True racism is practiced with ACTIONS, NOT WORDS. Ever heard of “sticks and stones will break your bones”. Most people that are subjected to TRUE RACISM don’t even realize it. When your resume is passed over because of an unwritten company policy, when people in your neighbourhood are killed over race, when 600,000 people are completely segregated and deprived of rights, when an organization supports polices of Apartheid, THAT IS RACISM.
    Calling a guy a “black cunt” or “negro” because they just insulted you is NOT RACISM. And really for an organization that SUPPORTED RACISM for over 50 years in the not so distant past to now come out as a champion of racist issues is JUST INSULTING. The FA and ENGLAND need a “LIE DOWN”, not me.

  27. fyi says:

    anton ferdinand is more sun kissed than black anyway

  28. tez says:

    KKK is a cunt. See no need to use racist words. If you’re going to insult someone, keep it simple. E.g KKK is a cunt.

  29. chris says:

    While I agree racism is the philosophical belief that one race is superior to another re apartheid or Nazi Germanys purity laws, I cant accept the notion that causal racism as used in this way can be labeled as on field banter. I don’t believe for a minute Terry is a racist, however, he clearly has used racially provocative language. The nature and wording of the charge will determine his guilt on this case. It remains to be seen if the FA will charge him should he be found innocent.

  30. Obvious says:

    Ferdinand is black, Terry is white, both are male.
    Why would Ferdinand call Terry a black cunt ?
    Terry is neither female nor black.
    Does this make Ferdinand ignorant, stupid or provocative ?

  31. CFC Jay says:

    Terry and Ferdinand had words with each other after a goal mouth incident (both “cleanly” slagging each other off) then moments later as they both ran up the pitch Ferdinand said something along the lines of “…did you call me a black C***?” to which Terry responded with something like “you black c***??….no i didnt call you a black C***, you knobhead!”
    How anyone can be classed as a racist because of this is beyond me. Video footage is a little unclear as there doesnt appear to be a constant stream of the alleged converstaion, though you do pick up bits if you lip read. But all in all, Terry did say “you black c***??” but in an inquizative manor to Ferdinand’s comment of “did you call me a black C****….”
    Anyways, all those who have already been judge, jury, and executioner to this incident, what ever happened of innocent until PROVEN guilty…????? Food for thought i think…….!

  32. KKK says:

    @Obvious- Maybe you haven’t heard many rappers lately, but Black people call each other and anyone they like “nigger” and whatever else they like and as many times as they like. Why is it that they get a pass? You see the fact that they get a pass, THAT IS RACIST. The act is aceptable if you are black, but not acceptable if you are another race. In fact if you use those words without giving it a second thought, but then act all offended when they come back your way, THAT MAKES YOU A HYPOCRITE and A RACIST.

  33. Obvious says:

    Dude you don’t need a Dell, you need some help

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