Ashley Cole Joins Twitter, Immediately Sets About Trolling Arsenal Fans

Chris Wright

23rd, July 2012


By Chris Wright

Did you hear the bugle sounding yesterday? T’was to herald Ashley Cole joining Twitter, for join Twitter he has. One of football’s most booable heels – a man recently embroiled in a choc ice scandal, no less – has signed up to a public forum where he’s open to flogging from all quarters, what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, 17 Tweets in and Ash has already gone on the defensive amidst a barrage of abuse and BAAAAAANTTZZZ!!!, trolling gobshite Arsenal fans with a couple of choice images…

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

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  1. Stiff says:

    Hahaha fucking brilliant.

  2. Flyer says:

    He might have won trophies but hes a national joke alongside Terry for being the biggest pricks in the game.

  3. One England Captain says:

    @Flyer what is it that upsets you more, thier success, their indiscretions or the fact that niether Cole or Terry really gives a toss if you think they are pricks or not.

  4. dave says:

    Ashley Cole is certainly not a joke, he’s a class player, always has been. He doesn’t get paid to be nice to you.

  5. racer says:

    I assume then he’s paid to be a massive cunt? MOST over rated player around

  6. Liam says:

    @dave, nicely put! Ashley Cole is still the best left back in the world. He’s also nobbed Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, whatever she’s called now. If that doesn’t make him a legend then nothing will.

  7. Toz says:

    That Sheby guy, what a fucking tool. Just looked over his twitter feed. Glory hunting cunt If I’ve ever seen one.

  8. murtasim says:

    Even as an Arsenal fan, that was still brilliant.

  9. STFC says:

    @racer he’s one of the best full backs of all time

  10. big mean bunny says:

    this is the one time when I have every considered that he’s not all that bad!

  11. Jarren says:

    Indeed, Liam. He can take all the abuse that comes at him, but at the end of the day he did shag Cheryl.

    Quite frankly, that fact makes every term of abuse literally water off a duck’s back.

    Well, yeah that and winning the Champions League.

    Hold on a second, shag Cheryl AND win the CL?


    I appear to be turning green.

  12. Richard Dunne says:

    “Hes a legend” “He doesnt get paid to be a nice guy” Are you reading your comments after writing on them, He represents everything that is wrong with the modern game, he’s not on his own, but hes miles above the rest of todays football pricks, to him, money=everything, fans=nothing, so i dont understand how you fans can stick up for him in these situations.

    “hes the best left back in the world” Even if that was true, it doesnt give him the authority to be a common c*nt, 90% of players dont get paid to be “nice guys” but they do so because they fell obliged to give back to the people that pay their wages.

    However, this specimen joins twitter solely to antaginise the fans who used to adore him. Every player from the prem to league 3 receive abuse from fans, but they do not take the bait in the knowledge that they have a much better standard of life than the fans.

    “Terry and Cole dont give a sh*te what we think” bshit, if Cashley didnt care, why would he tweet that photo?

  13. Telkingy says:

    Why so many people hating cos he left arsenal to win trophies?? Or cos he cheated on he’s missis? Show me a man who wouldn’t of done what he done! Also show me a faithful man and I’ll show you a liar

  14. Alex says:

    Marcelo is better

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