Chelsea’s Marko Marin Aims A Potential Leg-Breaker At Stephan M’Bia, Only Gets A Yellow (Video)

Alan Duffy

2nd, January 2013


By Alan Duffy

It seems that referee Lee Mason decided that Marko Marin’s appalling lunge on Stephan M’Bia happened too earlt in the game (four minutes) to warrant a red card. As that probably would have ‘spoiled the game’.

Indeed, that argument that referees should be more lenient early doors in a game, as otherwise he’ll ‘have to send everyone off’ is utter rubbish. It’s like saying that the police shouldn’t arrest shoplifters in the morning, as it’ll ruin the rest of the day.

A dreadful decision on a dreadful challenge.

Lucky QPR’s M’Bia survived unscathed.

Video courtesy of AndizzleeNMN