Ashley Cole left out of Arsenal’s squad for Europe


7th, August 2006

ColefianceFor some reason, I can’t find any pictures of Ashley Cole in a Chelsea shirt. You may well be saying "Aaaaaahhh… but he plays for Arsenal…". Well I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t think it would you?  You see, Cole is in the centre of one of the most drawn out transfer sagas ever. The latest episode has seen the fit-as-a-fiddle left back dropped from Arsenal’s Champions League squad for ‘fitness reasons’ according to Arsene Wenger.

The amusing thing about all of this is the fact that, sure, Cole is a decent enough player, but is he 25 million quids worth of player? Not really. It’s just the very fact that Ashley has found himself in an age where there really isn’t any competition for the title of ‘Best English Left Back’. Paul Konchesky? You’re having a laugh. Wayne Bridge? Yeah mate, whatever.

Basically, Cole is having a cry because he was made ‘scapegoat’ over the ‘tapping up’ affair… and there’s me thinking he wanted to go to Chelsea so he could be on £300,000,000 per week and be bezzie mates with the special one. If there is even a remote chance that you’re reading this Ash’, do us all a favour. Sign for Chelsea so the Arsenal fans can get on with booing you and making songs up about you and Cheryl Tweedy.

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