Petr Cech Asks Arsenal Fans If They’d Prefer 10 Managers And Six Trophies To One Manager And No Trophies?

Chris Wright

4th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

It’s hard to argue that Roman Abramovich’s chop-and-change approach to football club ownership hasn’t worked at Chelsea, with the club going from Premier League also-rans to Champions League winners during the Russian’s ten-year tenure at the Bridge and, having seen Arsenal fall seven points behind their beloved next-door neighbours yesterday, Petr Cech has been wondering out loud as to whether adopting similar methods might benefit the Gunners.

Cech told The Sun:

“People say that if there was more stability with the manager at Chelsea we would have had more success but I’m not sure that is right.

“In the last nine years we have won more or less the same number of trophies as Manchester United. They have had one manager in that time – we have had eight.

“We do it our way, other clubs do it their way. Arsenal have had the same manager and they haven’t won anything for a long time.

“Maybe if you asked them they might say they would rather have had 10 managers and six trophies, I don’t know.”

It’s pretty much impossible to know whether the “itchy trigger finger” method would work at Arsenal without actually seeing it action, though the main difference would obviously be that, while Chelsea have a bajillisquillion disposable oligarch dollars set aside for hiring, firing and paying-off their endless succession of short-term managers, Arsenal’s business plan more resembles a script from an episode of “The Good Life”.

Assuming, say, a Middle East consortium staged a £1.5billion takeover of the club and money was no object, would the Gooners out there prefer to see their club can the incumbent and begin tearing through managers to start picking up silverware again or would you prefer to see Arsene Wenger allowed to finally rebuild a proper squad in the image of his Invincibles over the course of a few more trophy-less seasons?

How desperate are you?

(Via The Sun)

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  1. Nikola says:

    with that kind of money available (for 10 years) even I would win some trophy with chelsea

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  4. Paulson says:

    Wenger is an awesome manager, but he ain’t Ferguson. There is a point in life, where one should cut ties and that should in Arsenals case be a moment not too far away. Wenger has been rebuilding for years now without any success. That to say, if he was really “rebuilding”, their squad would have a huge upside. But it hasn’t. Apart from Wilshere, Szczesny, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott I can’t see any high potential players. Maybe count Ramsey and Jenkinson in, but only maybe.

    This ain’t a squad capable of winning titles in any future.

  5. Bestie says:

    Dear Petr;
    I would rather have 1 Manager and 12 EPL titles; 2 CL Trophies; 5 F.A. Cups; 1 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup; and 4 League Cups

  6. Nuno says:

    @Paulson, Arsenal’s rebuild might have worked hadn’t they lost Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie and Clichy in the last few seasons. And we don’t know if the low spending approach is a preference of Wenger or an imposition from the owners.
    I believe that if Wenger was given similar resources as Chelsea or City he’d have won more trophies. I mean, come on, even Mancini became champion, Wenger is in no way a worse manager than Mancini. I’m no Arsenal fan, but I believe no other coach could’ve done better than Wenger with the limited financial resources he was given and that they should keep him even if they are bought by the petrodollars (give him a couple seasons with money to buy a decent team, then fire him if he doesn’t win)

  7. harry says:

    @bestie clearly you missed his point. But then you’re probably a manc, so you’re probably a dumb cunt.

  8. Redskywalker7 says:

    @Harry – go find a private room and suck your toes.

  9. RM says:

    I ALMOST broke down in tears over poor, poor Arsenal situation
    then I remembered this is the club with 5th highest revenue GLOBALLY
    (KPMG football money list 2012)


    so if Wenger doesn’t spend thats not because he couldn’t;
    its because he refuses to realise that times are changing and these days you won’t get anywhere without spending big bucks

    a manager that cannot adapt is a clueless manager, end of story

  10. bestie says:

    @harry, suck my dick. MY point is, you can have both stability AND success….they are not mutually exclusive. Not that Chelsea, or Arsenal, or whatever piece of shit club you support would know anything about that.

    I did make one mistake though: make that 13 EPL titles (after this season’s)

  11. bestie says:

    but to get serious for a minute, is it really Wenger’s choice not to spend money, or his Board’s? ’cause financially the club’s in great shape, and I don’t know of any manager who says “no thanks” to the owners when they ask him if he wants to spend money on players. Why would he do that? To make his rich owners richer and make himself look like an ass in the process? I doubt it. I think Arse’s problem is ownership, not management.

  12. Tim says:

    If Wenger had gone to Chelsea (and Av hand’t fired him!) he might have won a couple of trophies with Terry still there but ultimately he’d have turned the Chelsea backline into an attackingly-beutiful, two-footed but DEFENSIVELY-RUBBISH collection of not good enough players.

    All the talk “had Nasri, VP, Cesc stayed” is pointless as Arsenal’s defence has not been good enough since the Invincibles retired, and people like to forget that. For all the goals scored, the best defence ALWAYS wins the league (look at Man U, Mou’s Chelsea, or across Europe). I read some muppet mocking Mancini above, but in his first two seasons at City he built a brilliant defensive game. Wenger never brought in Adams, Keown or Seaman. His defensive management is abysmal an I cannot understand this bulletproof aura he still enjoys.

    Spalletti (Zenit), Klop (Dortmund), Bielsa (Bilbao), Conte (Juve), Guidolin (Udinese), to name a few, all make their teams play beautiful attacking football, combining it with rock-solid defence. They have also been succesful operating with half the resources Wenger has had at his disposal.

    Wenger is overrated

  13. Anonymous says:


    surely it is his decision to stay in employment, supposed what you say is true though:)

  14. Si says:

    @Bestie – “EPL”? Ew, kill it with fire.

  15. jules says:

    nothing to do with the 300 odd million spent on transfers in the past ten years, its definatley the ten managers that was the secret to their success.

    Is Cechs helmet on too tight ?

  16. harry says:

    AAAAAAAHAhahahahaaha @Si. worse than a Manc he’s a Yank!

  17. bestie says:

    I prefer EPL to BPL cause I hate banks sponsoring football, but what difference does it you dumb twats with nothing intelligent to say? How many titles of any kind have your shite clubs won?

  18. carrafa says:

    “twats” and “shite” easy. no points won here @bestie

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