“We’ve Gotta Go…” – Good Old ITV Cut Jose Mourinho Off Just As He’s About To Say Something Intriguing About His Future (Video)

By Chris Wright

You’ve no doubt already seen the Jose Mourinho quotes floating round this morning in which he openly flirts with the notion of “returning to a club in England where people love him“, but ITV almost extracted themselves an exclusive batch of revelations direct from the Special Horse’s mouth live on air last night – only for a producer to scream down pitchside reporter Gabe Clarke’s earhole that they needed to cut to adverts instead…

Good old ITV, eh?


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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    Why the fuck does Gabriel Clarke always have to start interviews with the camera on him, the guy is such a smug egomaniac!! No one gives a shit about your stupid face Gabriel, piss off!!! Everything this man does is embarrassing, his pre match articles where half the footage is of him resting against a wall trying to say something profound are terrible.

    Can we somehow just ban ITV altogether from television.

    • Chris says:

      @Mr Sensible: Afraid I have to agree on that front. The man has become a pastiche of himself over the last few years.

      • Col says:

        Yes, let’s criticise everyone involved with televised football – Jamie Redknapp, Gareth Southgate, Roy Keane, Alan Hansen, Gary Linekar, Alan Shearer – are they all deserving of this much derision!?

        Personally I like Gabriel; he seems to generally know and appreciate his football and he has good hair.

        The only person, TV-football related, that I despise is Graeme Souness and that’s because he clearly likes to be perceived to be knowledgeable but is, in fact, a complete fool and a failed tactician who knows diddly-zip about footy.

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    Ned Boulting too.

    Just watch tomorrow and he’ll put together some horrible piece with blurred close ups of Rafa’s face in a press conference, out takes where he’s laughing with the media then leaves taking his microphone off, asking probing questions like ‘Do you care?’, some poetic nonsense about dreaming about Munich, ‘The Bridge’ and ‘El Nino’, edited with him resting against a wall as if he’s doing a catalogue shoot for Littlewoods.

  3. tipo 00 says:

    more james richardson would be good.

  4. Gazza says:

    @tipo 00 – AC Jimbo is a great shout

  5. averagesean says:

    this song is for you jose…

  6. TravisKOP says:

    for me no one is more annoying than chiles and shreeves. how they got jobs in football i’ll never know

  7. sleeba says:

    Clive Tyldesley. Awful. Throw Townsend in and you have an aural sick sandwich.

  8. STFC says:

    this in the same easy that clive tlydesly quoted R Kelly – Ignition

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