11-Year-Old Liverpool Fan Gatecrashes Chelsea Europa League Celebrations, Bemuses Michel Platini (Video)

Alan Duffy

17th, May 2013


By Alan Duffy

What a cheeky young scamp 11-year-old Louis Kearns is. The Liverpool fan had watched the Europa League final with his old man before decided to get closer to two of his heroes, Fernando Torres and Rafa Benitez. And in doing so, he ended up slap bang in the middle of the Blues’ celebrations, even finding himself face to face before a bemused Michel Platini at the medal-giving ceremony.

Young Louis eventually gets collared by a UEFA official who spots the odd one out. He’s obviously aware of Chelsea’s failure to promote its own youth team players.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo today, the whippersnapper said:

“Fernando Torres is my favourite player and I saw the opportunity and ran over to get a picture. I was made up to meet Torres and I spoke to him, John Terry, Eden Hazard and Michel Platini from Uefa.”

“I was gutted when I was ushered away because I wanted to touch the cup. It was boss but it would have been better if it was my team Liverpool FC – that would have been the best.”

Still, the young chap deserve a round of applause for his fantastic bravura.

Fast forward to around the one minute mark and enjoy…


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  1. Mr. Chopper says:

    (Inevitable “Well at least somebody from Liverpool got to take part in a victory parade this season not counting Rooney who for some reason never counts” post)

  2. sleeba says:

    No doubt JT’s fault the little bugger got thru’

  3. Wesley says:

    Probably JT’s unwanted son. New Remi Gaillard in the making this fella.

  4. AuntieMay says:

    He probably played more minutes than Paulo Ferreira

  5. TheBigSon says:

    Thank God Chris ‘Daily Mail’ Wright didn’t do this piece. “Young scum bag ruins the ceremony for everybody! Ban Suarez!!”

  6. Manolo Garnix says:

    They probably thought it was Marko Marin. And he already got past more Chelsea defenders than the whole team of Bayern last year.

  7. Tom the bees fan says:

    Brilliant! He should have done a John Terry and quickly put a full Chelsea kit on. Then they wouldn’t have spotted him and he could have lifted the trophy with the other bloke that didn’t play.lol

  8. TravisKOP says:

    @TheBigTwat*Son*: you realize Chris is a forest fan right?

  9. TheBigSon says:

    @TravisKOP Literally irrelevant…

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