Carlo Ancelotti: ‘I Tell My Players To F**k Off’

Ollie Irish

10th, February 2010

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By Ollie Irish


Great quote by Carlo Ancelotti, as reported this morning by Tribal Football:

“I don’t even need to shout in Italian when I get angry with my players now. I just tell them to ‘Fuck off’.”

Welcome to England, Carlo. You are officially one of us now.

Chelsea’s gaffer also talked about his newfound love of England and its capital:

“England is a unique country. The people are always courteous, no matter where you go.

“I live in the countryside at Oxshott, close to our Cobham training ground. But I often go into London and it is magnificent. I often lose myself in its many districts.

“Now I have learned the rules of the road and how to drive on the left, I go around by car. I like the fact that everyone respects the laws. But if you go wrong, you get seriously hammered.”

Hmm, maybe someone should tell him that saying “Fuck off” isn’t so courteous.

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1 Comment

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