Journalist Matthew Syed Rips Into Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea Tenure, Blows Tony Cascarino’s Tiny Mind (Video)

By Chris Wright

Here’s sports journalist (and former UK table tennis champion, no less) Matthew Syed being interviewed on Sky Sports News and utterly disassembling Roman Abramovich’s tenure as Chelsea owner with a barrage of sound fact, reason and logic while “expert pundit” Tony Cascarino gawps on in dumb confusion as the man he had just branded as “a huge success for the Premier League” is reduced to nothing before his vapid, uncomprehending eyes…

Truly fascinating.

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  1. buddha9 says:

    syed works for murdoch — this repetition of various half truths and lies about abramovich is standard Murdoch neo con stuff — Murdoch is a right win neo con who along with the US corporations wants to loot Russia like they did in the 90’s — Putin won’t let them — RA is the only remaining oligarch who still works with Putin he has never been charged unlike all the others — he is thus a target for Murdoch the times & the mail -Syed talks about privatization how about British rail or any of the other 100 privatization which have lodged vast sums in the pockets of British businessmen at the expense of you the British taxpayer — is that immoral ? yes. Is it illegal? not under either labor or Tories. don’t be fuckin dumber than you are – you’re being used and suckered because of your anti Chelsea jealously and hatred — these people want to start a war against Putin and you’re the cannon fodder — stick with football you know something about that!

    • Chris says:

      @buddha9: What you failed to notice is that I didn’t actually proffer an opinion or allegiance. Fortunately though, as that may have tempered your incredibly entertaining rant slightly.

  2. buddha9 says:

    glad you liked it – every word a pearl — also, please don’t do the standard Ian macgarry thing and pretend you and the headline writer are somehow on different planets

  3. Cosa says:

    Incredibly amusing footage. They need a few presenters with a bit more intellectual charge than White and Gallacher to mask that situation.

  4. What? says:

    @buddha9: Isn’t Matthew Syed a member of the Labour Party? Didn’t The Times support the Labour Party during the 2001 and 2005 general elections?

  5. TravisKOP says:

    Matthew Syed is too smart to be discussing politics with Tony Cascarino. Hes 100% right in my mind though.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Sound fact, reason and logic? His comments on Abramovich’s motivations are sheer conjecture.

  7. sleeba says:

    Tiny mind? Tony Cascarino’s biog is one of the best and most honest. There’s an small element of truth in Syed’s opinion but put in context next to Bates conniving, well I know who I prefer. At least Roman’s a fan.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Sound fact, logic and reason? His comments on Abramovich’s motivations is sheer conjecture.

  9. thekaratesuit says:

    all that aside… Matthew Syed is a ping pong playing prodigy — no joke. i read it on wikipedia. ;)

  10. Nicholas says:

    Kirsty Gallacher – “That said, though, that said Matthew – I just wanted to pick up – I mean, you’ve said what you’ve said about the situation, the political situation, where the money came from; he HAS put Chelsea on the map, he’s put British football on the map whether it’s spending in excess or not. The reason for Premier League’s standing as one of the most exciting – uh you know – football leagues in the world now is surely because of Chelsea…?”

    Muttering, stuttering and completely incorrect. Terrible standards from Sky Sports News.

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