Eden Hazard Shares Picture Of His Bloody, Ravaged Ankles Following Galatasaray Game (Photo)

Chris Wright

20th, March 2014


By Chris Wright

In the same way the Cristiano Ronaldo once sought to document the shredding his ankles took during a game against Dinamo Zagreb a couple of years back, Chelsea winger Eden Hazard posted a photo of his ripped socks and ragged, blooded ankles to his official Instagram account following Tuesday night’s win over Galatasaray…


Ronaldo blamed the battering he took from the Zagreb players on jealousy, claiming at the time: “I think it’s because I’m rich, handsome and a great player. They envy me – there’s no other explanation.”

Hazard was a little less self-involved, adding a caption to the image which merely thanked his family for the thick skin he’s inherited from them.

(Photo: hazardeden_10/Instagram)

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  1. Lee says:

    Article should read, millionaire footballer complains about ripping socks during game.

  2. dud says:

    ditto, wear proper shin pads and socks then.

  3. Bear says:

    Uhh…okay. First, try wearing those heavy as hell ankle guards, then see if you would wish those upon a player wishing to retain agility and speed. Second, those kinds of rips are due to repeated nipping at heels by lazy defenders. Who are also millionaires. Third, don’t see any notion of complaint, except from the person to whom Hazard is compared. These are facts.

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