Burnley Boss Sean Dyche Hits Back Over Jose Mourinho’s Stamford Bridge Beef (Video)

Alan Duffy

23rd, February 2015


By Alan Duffy

Burnley’s very-own ‘ginger Mourinho’ Sean Dyche has given his view on those controversial events at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Never one to shirk finding something or someone to blame for a poor performance, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho made sure to make the refereeing performance of Martin Atkinson on the day into the story of the game, rather than his side’s failure to win against a struggling Clarets side.

Now, with the dust starting to settle on the game, Dyche has hit back, albeit in a rather balanced and fair way.

When speaking about the Ashley Barnes challenge which lead to Nemanja Matic’s red-card reaction, Dyche said:

“I find it hard to believe all these people who have now come out, especially the manager using very, very strong phrases about that moment, didn’t have any reaction at all at that live moment.

“Please look at the reaction from a bunch of expert footballers on the Chelsea side, the likes of John Terry, a real warrior and a top-class professional in my opinion; Zouma, big, strong boys; Ivanovic, right on top of this moment. José Mourinho has a similar view to me. The crowd behind me, circa 15,000. No one reacts. Live time, no one reacts, apart from Matic. My point is the referee has a chance in live speed time, and no one reacts.”

The Burnley manager also highlighted a couple of incidents which Mourinho didn’t list inhis post-match rant; firstly when Diego Costa caught the ball of Jason Shackell’s legs in an off-the-ball incident and secondly when the Blues failed to give the ball back after the Claret’s ‘keeper, Tom Heaton, had thrown it out when an injured team-mate needed treatment. He said:

“It must have been an oversight, I can only put it down to that. Chelsea actually played on, threw it in and tried to attack us to score a goal. I’ll accept it if it is an oversight but I think the protocol suggests that isn’t the correct fashion.”

A video definitely worth a look!

Video: officialburnleyfc

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  1. Neil #2 says:

    Mr. Dyche seems quite sensible. Please don’t call him the ginger Mourinho, he’s a lot more honest and likeable than that annoying git.

  2. Jarren says:

    @Neil #2: That’s not WAATP who dubbed him that, it’s Burnley’s own fans.

  3. Tyler says:

    This is a season Mourinho will look back upon with great embarrassment. As much of an idiot as he’s been in his career, he’s never been such a whining child.
    He’s a great manager if you like to win games, don’t get me wrong.

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