Chelsea Doctor Eva Carneiro ‘Facing Demotion’ For Heinous Crime Of Running Onto The Pitch To Treat Injured Chelsea Player

Chris Wright

11th, August 2015



Chelsea’s club doctor Eva Carneiro is reportedly facing a demotion after angering Jose Mourinho by running onto the pitch to treat an injured player during the final few minutes of the Blues’ opening Premier League fixture against Swansea City.

With the scores level at 2-2, Carneiro ran onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard during the final few minutes.

This left temporarily left Chelsea with nine fit men on the pitch following the earlier dismissal of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois – a numerical disadvantage that caused an irate Mourinho to then publicly criticise his medical staff for “not understanding the game” after the final whistle.

The fact that Hazard called on the medical team himself to tend to his faked (or at least vastly embellished) injury is apparently by the by.

As such, the Telegraph are reporting that that Mourinho is unwilling to back down, claiming that while Carneiro will remain as Chelsea’s first-team doctor, she will not be allowed to attend training sessions, games or enter the team hotel.

Carneiro…will still carry out her work with first-team players at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground in what is being seen as a re-tasking of duties.

It remains to be seen whether Carneiro will accept her new lower-profile role long term, although she is not the only member of Mourinho’s staff to have their working arrangements changed.

So, the long and short of it appears to be that Jose the Megalomaniac would rather marginalise and ultimately lose a vastly qualified and evidently popular member of his back-room staff rather than back down in a ridiculous squabble over a completely moot issue.

Moronic. We hope she has the sense to just walk away.

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  1. Sultan says:

    Plastics !!!!

  2. Dave says:

    What an arsewipe this guy is.

  3. One Man Went to Mow says:

    One of the few times the Chelsea and Jose are actually indefensible. Don’t they realise she will just pack her bags and go. Eva Carneiro is the premier football doctor and could take her pick of Elite clubs to work for. Having her work for you is a privilege Jose, not a right.

  4. usrick says:

    As much as this incident clearly shows yet again what an arrogant jackass Mou is, and as much as Carneiro is being treated shabbily (assuming the reported discipline is accurate), another issue is even more important. Managers are understandably concerned about and focused on the outcome of the match, not just the severity and treatment of a player’s injuries. The physio and the injured player – not the manager – are in a position to determine whether or not a player is in need of treatment. Even if the manager were competent to make such a medical determination, he should not be permitted to do so because he has an unavoidable conflict of interest. The EPL and the FA should use this opportunity to make clear that the decision whether or not an injured player needs treatment is a medical decision to me made by the player and the medical professional(s), not the manager.

  5. EDub says:

    So will Hazard be demoted for faking injury?

  6. JJ says:

    Before commenting, watch the match first. “his faked injury is apparently by the by.” Hazard is probably the one of the most honest players in world football. We were trailing the game and were desperately looking for a goal. Why would he be feigning an injury? He was exhausted as it is and was clattered hard. Do your research.

  7. Neil says:

    Leave that classless club and come work for Arsenal, doctor.

  8. TravisKOP says:

    As an injured player right now. If my coach yelled at the physio for helping me I’d be livid

  9. Puffy says:

    @JJ ‘Hazard is probably the one of the most honest players in world football.’ Utter bollocks. he is a diving little twat. Then again why would I expect honesty from a Chelsea fan ?

    • ray says:

      You d***head. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that Hazard was the most fouled player in the PL last season and will probably be again this season.

  10. JJ says:

    @Puffy Hazard was the most fouled player in EPL by a country mile. Will probably be again this season. For anyone, who actually watches football, knows that Hazard gets up straight away. He doesn’t roll around the floor for the hell of it. He isn’t Neymar. If he did, wouldn’t he get the same amount of heat that Neymar always does? It’s well-known, that commentators and pundits praise Hazard on his attitude. It’s not because I’m a Chelsea fan. The minute he gets kicked, he doesn’t milk it and gets on with the game. The fact that he can be like Neymar, rolling around every 5 minutes, but doesn’t, tells you a lot about his character. Seriously, do your research before you respond with another pathetic comment. Idiot.

    BTW the fact that I actually took the time responding to someone named “Puffy” is quite sad really, but oh well, what’s done is done.

    • Ron says:

      His name could be Fluffy, that would be worse.

      Besides, all of this was worth it to see that fucker stomp up and down like a jerk.

  11. Maria says:

    I’m not defending Mourinho as he was wrong to criticise his staff in public, but she spoke out publicly against him which is equally wrong.

    Go and criticise your boss on Facebook and see how it helps your career.

    /re-iterate Mourinho was wrong in the first instance.

  12. Neil #2 says:

    @Maria: She never spoke out against him. She just thanked those who had sent messages of support after she was publicly humiliated by Mourinho (Moaninho). How exactly did she criticise her boss? Further, if the coach likes to keep things in private, why did he rant about it in an interview. He could have started by shutting his large, foul-breath emitting, trap.

  13. Straight Dave says:


  14. Goozebury says:

    ‘The most fouled player in the league’ basically equates to ‘falls over the most often’ 90% of the challenges that send Hazard and his ilk tumbling are just embarassing.

  15. Mdot says:

    The manager runs the team while in the middle of a game. For staff to out of the field against his directions undermines his authorization. Mou is a man that wants to show clear control of his team and allowing this to stand would show that other staff can overrule him. I don’t agree with the public attacks on her but I understand why she would be demoted for this.

  16. Neil #2 says:

    Mdot, that’s not quite correct. The ref signaled for the medical staff to come on after Hazard himself signaled for help. In that situation, staff do not wait for manager approval — to do so consistently would waste even more time. Her demotion was just more nonsense from the megalomaniac manager.

  17. Si says:

    Jose is in the wrong but, come on, would anyone care if she wasn’t attractive? Medical staff at clubs come-and-go all of the time but to claim that Eva is the best medic in the whole wide world, which a few people above have suggested, is ludicrous.

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