Jose Mourinho: Chelsea Have A ‘Moral Right’ To Spend And Arsenal Are Failures

Paul Sorene

16th, August 2015


COBHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 14:  Jose Mourinho looks on during a press conference at Chelsea Training Ground on August 14, 2015 in Cobham, England.  (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

COBHAM, ENGLAND – AUGUST 14: Jose Mourinho looks on during a press conference at Chelsea Training Ground on August 14, 2015 in Cobham, England. (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

Jose Mourinho has been talking ahead of his side’s match at Manchester City. He says Chelsea will continue to spend, with two more news faces scheduled to arrive before the transfer window shuts.

On The Race For The Title

You win the Champions League, how many teams can react to the fact that they did not win the Champions League? A lot of them can react. In the Premier League if you win the title, how many teams are able to react against that? A lot of them can react.

You can go to Germany, how many teams can really react against Bayern Munich, how many teams are powerful enough to react against Bayern Munich’s dominance? They’ve won three in a row and probably are going to win it for the fourth time. In France, how many teams can react against Paris St-Germain’s power?

Here, Man City won [in 2014] and Chelsea was not happy, Man United was not happy, Arsenal was not happy and Liverpool was not happy. Chelsea – Diego Costa, Fàbregas, Courtois. Arsenal – Alexis Sánchez, Özil. This season Chelsea are champions; Liverpool and Man United bought. Arsenal, Petr Cech. People react. Man City, the first thing they did in the summer was Sterling. Here and in the Champions League people react. It’s more difficult to be champions.

On New Faces

If we have one new player or a couple of new players, [it’s] welcome. Yes, it’s a possibility. The market is open and you know that a defender we are going to do for sure.

A Dig At Arsenal Under Arsene Wenger 

Some other clubs, they are disappointed for 15 years and the manager is the same.

The Money

 Chelsea is Chelsea and Mr Abramovich is Mr Abramovich. The board has worked so well over the years in making money with sales that if somebody has the right – the moral right – to do that, then I say that Chelsea is one of them.

You sell [Gaël] Kakuta to Sevilla for a few million, you sell [Oriol] Romeu to Southampton for some more millions. You sell another player to another club for £5m. Even then you are not speaking about David Luiz, Felipe Luís. If one day Chelsea wants to make a very important buy Chelsea has economical conditions for that and also moral conditions for that.

Chelsea have a “moral right” to spend money. Does he care where the owner’s money comes from?

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  1. geoff says:

    Dont’t get into the morals of where the money comes from because there is a lot of very rich people in football and do you want to start rolling the ball.If your asking Chelsea’s owner where the money came from there will be a lot of others you’ll have to ask as well

    • amman gooner says:

      Chelsea now seem to be trying to take the so called moral high ground. Evryone knows much of the money the owner has made is from the break up of the Soviet union corrupt regimes. Chelsea bought success, based on the ego of the owner. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are run on commercial grounds and only spend, what they earn!

  2. UFGN says:

    Somebody…PLEASE punch this twat very hard. Disrespectful, sulky, ignorant fool!

  3. prince says:

    U talk trash

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Tellitasitis says:

    What a poor excuse for a human being is Moronho. There are several free call self help social services that he can contact to help with his inadequacies. Give up you deep rooted desire Jose. Arsene isn’t your long lost father.

  6. Luca says:

    Why should he care where the money comes from? If he cared he would not have accepted his current job.

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