Armchair Gaffer: Would You Renew Michael Ballack’s Chelsea Contract?

Ollie Irish

16th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

“I want you, Michael.”

“Not now John. Can’t you see I am trying to defend this corner with ruthless efficiency.”

So, Herr Ballack’s Chelsea contract expires this summer. Put yourself in Charlie Ancelotti’s slip-ons – would you renew it or let Ballack go on a free? Vote below:

I’d let him go. He’s appeared disinterested this season. Chelsea needs some new blood in midfield.

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  1. syndex says:

    His wages to performance ratio is too low to be kept on

  2. Chris says:

    Too slow and clunky. Doesn’t pull much out the bag anymore.

    Get rid and replace.

  3. bob r says:

    So you did not see him set up Malouda for the second goal at wembley then.

  4. john says:

    keep him for anther seasion and then get rid of him and make money on him ather wise chelsea owner is throwing money away which they cant aford any more

  5. stu says:

    he’s been ok this season. good patches & mediocre patches. for my money he’s solid & dependable…tactically astute & hard working…with the bonus of being good in the air at both ends & capable of the odd moment of magic. he could be worth hanging onto for another season imo…but he is also easily replacable. we’ll see i guess. i’d rather see him stay tho…

  6. marlis says:

    Agree with bob r. He came in to replace deco and made a brilliant pass to Malouda who netted in.
    He’s there when its necessary and when he got the chance he also scores. At the mo he plays more defensivly, so he’s not so much in the limelight like the attacking players. Would give him one year more with option for a second. I dont think he gets the same money, he earns now.

  7. Garethlewes says:

    I would have to say no as he seems to not be as interested, he is also quite old and is on £120,000 a week (i think). Which is too much for a bt part player we could get someone for far less money to be a bit part player who would be just as good.

  8. hes not quite the player he was for bayern, or even internationally; but then his job description is quite different at chelsea
    he seems a bit like gerrard in that he thrives on being the main man which obviously isnt the case at cfc

    his wages are far too high, but hes such a solid player- easy to miss his contribution sometimes, but the stats speak for themselves when you see the win % when hes involved- tactically aware and a well balanced attacker and defender
    a true professional and an icon of the modern game, with at least one more year at this level left in him, same goes for deco imo
    plus theres always the remote chance that he could score a belter from 40 yards out, the man has a mean shot on him

    out of interest, whats your opinion on this ollie?

  9. Amir says:

    This summer is probably the most important summer for Chelsea because there is huge need for a change. I’d let Ballack go right away. He is to slow and to ineffective. The problem is that a lot of players need to go. I would not renew Ballack, J Cole, anelka got until 2012 so no more, Carvalho or Deco. If possible cash in on Mikel, Kalou, bosingwa. We really need a better second goalie that can give cech a match for the first position. Akinfeev from Cska Moscow maybe? Bring in Ashley young, Edin dzeko and Pato for attack. Get in kakuta, borini, stoch and mancienne back in the squad and give more time to sturridge rather than Kalou. PROMOTE YOUTH! Only problem is that we are going to miss a trequartista that does not exist on the market yet.

  10. Albert says:

    I’d much rather say let Michael Ballack go and use the saved money in wages to ensure that Joe Cole stays at the club. Sure they don’t play in the same position, but Joe Cole can contribute much more to the Chelsea team than Ballack can in my opinion

  11. danny says:

    i hate fans like amir. chelsea really do have the worst fans. we’ve booed our team off at stamford bridge 3 times this season. the internet is full of chelsea fans saying the team isn’t good enough. well…unlike some chelsea “fans” i remember when we were happy not to go down…yet alone go into the final few weeks of the season on for the double.

    ballack is a very good player. we should keep him if we can.

  12. Amir says:

    Very good danny. We should keep all the players that play for chelsea for ever on contract. Always renew every contract or what? Nobody has said that the squad is not good enough but in order to stay on top then you cant have to many oldies. We need a better balance for next season. They will never cope with another season as tough as this one. There has to be a generation change and hopefully we will promote most of our youth up to the squad and maybe add some more talent.

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