Is Claude Makelele being treated like a slave?

Ollie Irish

28th, August 2006

Jose Mourinho claims Claude Makelele is being treated like ‘a slave’ by France coach Raymond Domenech. Domenech has insisted Makelele reports for Euro 2008
qualifiers against Georgia and Italy, despite the midfielder announcing
his retirement. What’s the deal? If a footballer says he’s retired, he’s retired. End of story.

Well, no. It seems common sense is in short supply, as so often is the case when it comes to club v country. Fifa rules state Makelele faces a stiff ban for Chelsea if he
does not turn up for France – he would miss two domestic games apiece for each France game he refuses to play. Crazy, but that’s Fifa for you.

‘Makelele is not a football player – Makelele is a slave,’ said a furious Mourinho. He added: ‘We have no chance. The
rules are there… We know the rules. You are a slave, you have no human rights.’

I agree with Mourinho on this one. What the hell does Domenech think he’s playing at?

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