John Terry Injures Foot In Training, Out Of 2010 World Cup? – Will Wayne Bridge Return?

Ollie Irish

12th, May 2010


By Ollie Irish

Breaking news, quite literally (tee hee) – According to the MailJohn Terry broke a metatarsal (ah, of course!) in training with Chelsea today, ahead of the weekend’s FA Cup final, and is likely to miss the World Cup finals in South Africa.

Big news, eh. Many fans will call this football karma. And what does this mean for Wayne Bridge? Surely as the door closes for Terry, it swings open for Bridge.

Terry hadn’t been playing particularly well in the latter part of the domestic season, so perhaps it’s not bad news at all. Still, I don’t see how England fans could possibly call it good news – whatever you think of Terry as a bloke, he is a top-class, all-action defender.

This is the latest official line from Chelsea. More details when they hit the web…

UPDATE 1 – Sky is claiming it’s just ligament damage.

UPDATE 2 – Terry should be fit for the FA Cup final. Looks like most of us jumped the gun on this. Be careful what you wish for etc.

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  1. max says:

    Bad news, but id be lying if i said my opinion of terry as a man didn’t colour my reaction to this. Arguably only rooney, lampard, a cole and maybe ferdinand, fitness withstanding, are a biggest loss as players. Only the aforementioned cashley could claim to be a lesser loss as a human being (and even then i think JT shades it). If ledley can hold himself together it’s a blessing in disguise

  2. Kipp says:

    Blessing in disguise if you ask me. Yes England lose vital top quality experiance. However JT’s form has been patchy at best, his durability will be missed as now only injury proners remain.

  3. busker rhymes says:

    patchy form? not according to opta stats- hes still the best in the country according to them! sure he had two maybe three bad games, which is a slip by his impeccable standards… itll be good to see king or dawson in the lineup though
    i dont understand this agenda VS jt: the countrys up in arms cos he slept with his mates EX- sure bros before hoes n all that but the relationship had ended and therefore categorically no betrayal took place… his wife however had been betrayed and should be pissed off, but as far as i can see nobody else has a right to be- and this certainly should never have become a football matter
    seems like a whole bunch of anti terry/ chelsea media and fans lashing out cos they have the chance…

  4. Liam says:

    England’s World Cup hopes gone up in smoke.Terry has played two bad games all season,contrary to what the media might say.Opta stats will tell you he has been the best Centreback all season.
    Bridge is not very good and a libility.

  5. Dan says:

    Great news for Pompey fans! Made me a little bit more optimistic.

  6. gamblino says:

    One less cunt to have to put up with when watching England though!

  7. megaman789 says:

    This just increases Carragher’s chances to be in the 23 squad. I’m not worried at all as England defense isn’t in shambles without terry

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