Single white male: have Frank Lampard and John Terry had a lovers’ tiff?


19th, July 2007

75545188.jpgCheck out these two adorable metrosexuals, just posin’ down for the paparazzi before a Chelsea party in Los Angeles. You wouldn’t have caught Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris in flip-flops (Mr JT) or a thong sandal (Lamps).
How long before these two lovebirds get into the recording studio and re-hash Glenn and Chris’s Diamond Lights? But, hang on a minute, what’s this I see? John doesn’t look too happy does he? – perhaps the two had a fall-out over who’s going to be paid more. Come on JT, £131,000 a week is surely enough to keep you in beach sandals for a summer or two. [Photo: Getty Images]

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