Sol Campbell Weds WAG Fiona Barratt, Ashley Cole Is Booed

Ollie Irish

19th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Sol Campbell and new wife Fiona Barratt (see above) are now hitched. She’s an interior designer. I’m saying nothing, except… what the hell is it with Sol and interior designers? Hmmm. No man should be that into interior design.

So the lovely couple got married this weekend in some small Northumberland outpost, and Ashley Cole was among the guests. Reports claim Cole was booed by some of the gawping crowd (that’s the working-class folk who weren’t invited), but I wouldn’t read too much into this, as booing Cole is a Pavlovian response for a certain breed of English people, ie. exactly the sort of f**kheads who would waste their weekend standing outside a church just to catch a glimpse of someone they don’t really like but who they read about all the time in tabloids and gossip magazines. The people who also watch soap operas religiously, to keep the dread at bay. The people with England flags on their cars. Still.

As much of a c**t as he can be, I’m with Ash on this one. At least he had a half-decent World Cup.